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These excerpts contain sexually explicit material. If you are not at least 18 years of age, please leave.
If you are 18 or older and are not offended by such material, please stay and enjoy!

Spear's Search
Book 1: Assassins of Gravas
by N.J. Walters

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Spear el Gravaso--prince of Gravas and assassin--is on a mission to find his brother. His hunt had led him to an auction of Gravasian weapons that can only belong to the missing man. He needs to secure the items, get any information he can, and kill all those involved. Nothing and no one will stop him.

Sass was taken from a harsh life on the streets as a child and trained to be an assassin by the powerful Artemis. The lives of those she loves is on the line if she fails her mission--to win the auction of Gravasian tech. Only one problem--Spear is in her way.

Their battle escalates, as does the explosive heat between them. When it comes down to it, they can fight each other and one of them will die or they can join forces. But can they trust each other?

"If you love flying among the galaxies, steamy, sweet romances, action, intrigue, danger, and mystery then you have to get your hands on the space world of Spear's Search."
Annetta Sweetko, Fresh Fiction

Excerpt from Spear's Search
© 2020 N.J. Walters

He carefully withdrew the razor-sharp dagger from the hidden sheath strapped to his arm. Made of the finest titansteel--a virtually indestructible metal only found on Gravas--it was easily concealed from security scans, lightweight, and could be used to kill with minimal effort.

Unlike a blaster, it was silent.

In a soundless rush, he was around the girder, thick forearm wrapped around his victim's neck and the sharp tip of the blade at the base of the skull.

The person didn't fight, didn't move a muscle.

He was dealing with a pro. Only another assassin would react in such a way.

"Want to tell me why you're following me?" It was second nature to change the pitch and tone of his voice and speak in Alliance Standard, the language most commonly spoken on all Alliance planets and stations.

"I’m not." The voice was low with a slight lilt that skated over his skin like a caress.

What in the depths of Gravas was going on? Why was he reacting in such a manner?

With lightning speed, he assessed his quarry. About six feet, slender, short dark hair. Not enough light to determine true color. The lightest fragrance of mint teased his nostrils and made his entire body clench.

"Try again." He wasn't leaving without answers.

The tiniest shrug caused the blade to scrap across the tender skin on the back of her neck. And it was a woman. The certainty settled in his bones.

Not that it meant anything. Some of the deadliest assassins in the world were women. Too many people underestimated them.

He wasn't most people.

Ivar's Escape
Book 2: Assassins of Gravas
by N.J. Walters

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Ivar el Gravaso--a prince of Gravas--wakes in a prison cell with no idea how he got there or even who he is. If his captor can't get answers from Ivar, his days are numbered. When a strange woman sneaks into the prison and promises to get him out, he's suspicious. Is this nothing more than another trick by his captor or is she truly there to help?

Delphi is an assassin sent by the Gravasian government to infiltrate the space pirate stronghold of Tortuga in search of the missing prince. She finds a prisoner who is well-spoken, knowledgeable, and ready to fight, even though he has no idea who he is. He might be her target. It's difficult to tell due to his ragged appearance. But no way can she leave him behind, no matter who he is.

"If you love space drama, hot princes, intriguing assassins, danger, drama (including the family kind), bad guys and even badder guys and, of course, a romance that will steam wallpaper off the wall--you need to get your hands on IVAR'S ESCAPE."
Annetta Sweetko, Fresh Fiction

Excerpt from Ivar's Escape
© 2020 N.J. Walters

Delphi was trying to move about as undetected as possible. People spoke more freely around a young man than they did a woman, even one considered a dangerous mercenary. With her communication device locked on her ship, she was on her own, a fact that had to be driving both her siblings crazy. After much discussion--okay, more of a shouting match--it had been decided she'd come on her own. The deal was she'd keep in contact. None of them had known about the no-tech-allowed rule.

The man wasn't moving.

Delphi glanced at the door at the far end of the corridor. It was solid wood. She should be safe enough. Taking a risk, she eased a candle stub and matches from her pants pocket. Primitive but effective.

She struck the match and touched the flame to the wick.

He exploded from the pallet and lunged. She scrambled away, her back hitting the cell door behind her. Shit, he was fast. If it hadn't been for her training, he'd have his hands around her neck right now.

Miraculously, the light hadn't gone out. The candle was on its side. The large male grabbed it and pulled it inside, giving her a good look at him.

His hair was long and dark and matted. An unkempt beard covered the lower half of his face. His clothes were in tatters, his feet bare. His eyes were golden brown, like a coywolf she'd seen a picture of once, and just as feral. A barely healed scar ran down the left side of his face, starting at his temple and disappearing into his beard.

She held up her hands to show him she was unarmed. "I'm not here to hurt you." It was only dumb luck that she hadn't rattled the steel doors when she'd hit them and possibly woken the guard. He'd been drinking, but it might not be enough for him to pass out.

Still in a crouch, the prisoner studied her. He'd see the image she wanted to project--a teenage boy with a pockmarked face. Disguises were part of an assassin's bag of tricks, and this was her specialty.

"What's your name?" Given his appearance, it was hard to tell if it was her target. He'd lost weight and was totally disheveled and dirty. It was doubtful his own mother would recognize him in a fully lit room, let alone by dim candlelight.

He swallowed heavily, his throat rippling. His fingers tightened around the stub of candle. He opened his mouth, closed it, and tried again. "I don't know." His breath hit the flame directly, blowing it out and plunging them into darkness.

Kyler's Justice
Book 3: Assassins of Gravas
by N.J. Walters

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Kyler el Darkos is an elite Gravasian assassin who answers only to the king of Gravas. His mission: Find Balthazar and eliminate him and any of his associates for their part in abducting the king's son and trying to market stolen Gravasian weapons. His search has brought him to the planet of Mortis and Hell's Gate, a bar owned by Balthazar's father. The last thing he expects is to fall for Etta Mortis--his target's sister--a woman who tempts him to risk his honor for a chance at love.

Excerpt from Kyler's Justice
© 2021 N.J. Walters

As if all he'd been waiting for was her full attention, he raised his hand to the hood of his cloak. Anticipation thrummed through her. Her stomach was a ball of nerves. She gripped the edge of the counter.

Ever so slowly, he lowered the covering.

Her mouth dropped. He was gorgeous.

Straight black hair fell to his shoulders, pushed away from a face that had been carved by the gods. His chin and jaw were hewn from stone. And his cheekbones were prominent slashes in his face. Mesmerized, she stared into eyes as dark as midnight.

This was not a face a woman would ever forget.

The only softness at all were the thick eyelashes and full lips.

Don't look at his lips.

She was staring but couldn't stop. Mouth dry, she licked her own lips, feeling them tingle. He was the most devastatingly handsome man she'd ever laid eyes on.

"Well?" His question shook her out of her trance.

After grabbing the bottle of water on the counter, she took a slug, then another.

"Well what?" She'd be calm about this, even if it killed her. And spontaneous combustion was a genuine possibility. The kitchen was warmer than the bar to begin with. Now the heat was through the roof.

The corners of his mouth twitched.

Don't smile. Don't smile.

He didn't really smile. It was more a hint of one, but the bottom fell out of her stomach. She was freefalling through space without a suit or safety tether to bring her safely back home. In all her twenty-three years, she'd never had this kind of reaction to a man before.

She cleared her throat. "So, Ky, do you have a last name?"

"Just Ky."

"So, Just Ky." That garnered another almost-smile that had every nerve ending in her body standing at attention in anticipation. "Why are you hanging out at Hell's Gate?"

There was no room for a man in her life, especially not one this dangerous. Maybe he can help you, a sly voice whispered in the back of her head. She ignored the voice. In her experience, men could be pretty to look at, but they weren't dependable. They looked after themselves first, and she had two children relying on her.

That sobered her quick enough.

Zaxe's Rule
Book 4: Assassins of Gravas
by N.J. Walters

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A professional assassin, Zaxe's job is to kill his targe--Helldrick--and get out. This final mission will repay his debt to the king of Gravas and allow him to finally claim his freedom. The job should be simple, but then he crosses paths with Jamaeh Jerman, the daughter of his target.

Being a mixed-race bastard, Jamaeh's life has never been easy, but she's carved out a living as a trader. Her entire life, she's protected her brother. Now he's missing and Helldrick is to blame. Her goal is to find her brother and bring him home.

She and Zaxe join forces, each with their own agenda. Danger and secrets from the past threaten to come between them, while their sizzling attraction further complicates the situation. Will mistrust drive them apart or will love save them both?

Excerpt from Zaxe's Rule
© 2021 N.J. Walters

"What's our move?" She needed to be a help, not a hindrance.

He flashed a smile and gave a nod of approval. "We make our way to the base of the rocks and start working our way up. I'll take the lead."

Of course, he was taking the lead. She couldn't object too much. He had the skills to deal with the shooters. He was also trying to protect her. "What can I do? I'm not helpless."

"I expect you to watch our backs. They may have someone on the ground waiting to flank us."

That was a possibility she hadn't considered. Battle strategies weren't exactly something she'd had to learn. She had other skills, though, learned through many hard years of survival. Knowing when someone was following her was one she'd honed to a fine edge. "You got it."

Zaxe brushed his thumb over the curve of her cheek. "I'm sorry you had to see that."

She shrugged. "They made their choices. We all did." Something was bothering her. "You were shot. I saw it. The blast took you right off the sled."

He captured her hand and placed it against his chest. "Battlesuit."

That was some serious protection. She'd heard of them, and they cost a small fortune. "Really." She shoved aside his shirt and ran her fingers over the lightweight material. The muscle beneath was hard and firm. Something so thin shouldn't be able to absorb a blaster strike, but it worked. He was living proof.

She'd thought for sure he was dead. Her heart had stopped, her soul screamed. And not just because he was her only hope of surviving and getting her brother back. They were practically strangers but there was something tenuous and special between them. Whether they'd ever get the chance to explore that connection remained to be seen.

Probably not. It wouldn't be smart, but that didn't keep her from wishing things could be different.

"As much as I'd love for you to keep touching me, now is not the time." His voice had deepened, his accent thickening.

"Crap." She yanked her hand back, rubbing it against her cloak. "Sorry about that."

"I'm not." He dropped a hard kiss on her lips and rolled onto his stomach. "Follow me."