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These excerpts contain sexually explicit material. If you are not at least 18 years of age, please leave.
If you are 18 or older and are not offended by such material, please stay and enjoy!

Discovering Dani
Book 1: Jamesville
by N.J. Walters

Dani O'Rourke is no stranger to hard work. She’s been raising her two brothers alone since their parents died and she owns and operates her own business, O’Rourke Cleaning Services. Spending all her time working and looking after her family means she’s never had time for men. And if she was going to look for a relationship, it wouldn’t be with an arrogant and cynical man like Burke.

A brush with death has successful businessman Burke questioning his priorities. He’s come to Jamesville for some peace and quiet to figure out what to do with the rest of his life. Catching a woman breaking into his cabin certainly isn’t part of his plan, nor is being attracted to her after her finds out just how wrong he was about her.

Burke finds himself caught up in Dani’s family, but is there room in such a gentle woman’s life for a man as hard as him?

"...moving, sensual, and breathtaking ....This new series is bound to be her most beautiful work. I was taken away by Dani and Burke. Highly recommended."
5 Blue Ribbons—Connie Spears, Romance Junkies

"plenty of passion, topped with humor...I definitely suggest you move this book to the top of your lists of reads."
5 Pink Hats—TIC, The Pink Posse

"NJ Walters has done a remarkable job writing a beautiful contemporary romance worth reading more than once and keeping forever."
5 rating—Jessica Pittman, Gotta Write Network

"Discovering Dani by N.J. Walters was truly a fantastic, heartwarming story. Filled with love, heartache and deception, Discovering Dani is sure to pull a few emotional strings from deep within. Ms. Walters masterfully captured my attention and firmly held it until the very end."
5 Blue Tattoos—Nikita Steele, Erotic-Escapades

"...will grab your attention from the beginning and leave you with a happy and satisfied smile by the end. This tale earns a place on my keeper shelf..."
—Vicky Turner, Romance Reviews Today

"...heartwarming, poignant, and deeply profound...N.J. Walters has my praise for writing a fantastic tale that involves not only the imagination but also your senses."
4.5 stars—Sheryl, eCataRomance

Excerpt from Discovering Dani
©2006 & 2017 N.J. Walters

“Don’t just stand there man, push!”

Dani O’Rourke flinched inwardly even as she stepped up to the beige Mercedes, and placed her mitten-covered hands next to a large pair of leather-gloved hands on the cold, hard bumper. She shoved as hard as she could, while the car’s wheels spun crazily in the slush.

“Harder!” the male voice growled.

Bracing her booted feet as best she could on the snow-covered ice, Dani pushed with all her might.

“Again!” the voice demanded. Once more, she threw her weight against the back of the car as it started to rock back and forth.

“Put some muscle into it,” the male voice ordered.

One more shove sent the car spinning from the icy patch, and a shower of cold snow spraying into her face. Dani sputtered and swiped at her face with her black wool mitten as she straightened up, and watched the man who had issued the terse commands walk slowly towards the front of the car without a backward glance.

“Thank you ever so much,” a girlish voice gushed from the driver’s seat. “I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t stopped to help.”

Sighing, Dani turned away and trudged down the road, unnoticed by either. She knew the car’s owner, or more specifically, she knew about the car’s owner. Everyone in Jamesville was familiar with Cynthia James and the James family. Her family’s ancestors had settled the town a hundred years before and were still heavily involved in real estate and banking. Cynthia was beautiful and she knew it. She had the long blond hair, blue eyed, California girl appearance that men seemed to find irresistible. All she had to do was bat her eyelashes and smile and men fell all over themselves to please her.

Dani pictured the stranger in her mind’s eyes, wondering who he was. Born and raised in Jamesville, she knew everyone, if not personally, then by sight. She suspected he was probably visiting friends or just passing through.

What does it matter to you? She scolded herself impatiently. A man like that would never notice a woman like her. Her hair was a plain medium brown that was usually worn in a no nonsense braid that fell to her waist and she’d never had the money or the inclination to wear make-up. Her few attempts at mascara and eyeliner had left her feeling more like a raccoon than a model. Somehow, she never felt quite right if she was wearing anything more than lip-gloss.

She could still picture his coal black hair, damp and shining from the falling snow. Eyes almost as black as his hair had snapped with impatience as he’d issued his commands. An aura of power and arrogance had surrounded him as he’d barked his orders with no doubt that they would be followed.

Of course, she reasoned, he had the size to back it up. He was built like a mountain, tall and broad with a face that looked as if it was carved from stone. A long jagged scar had bisected his left cheek. Dani thought that it gave him the dangerous air of a pirate or a highwayman. Just like the unsuspecting hero in a romance novel, she mused.

“Stop it, Dani O’Rourke,” she muttered as she reached her truck and dug into her pocket for her keys. “He thought you were a man, for heaven’s sake.” But she could understand why. At 5’8” she was a tall woman and solidly built. Not overweight, but sturdy. Wearing one of her brothers hand-me-down parkas that zipped around her face and covered her to her knees, well, it was no wonder he had mistaken her for a male, she consoled herself even as she wondered why the thought made her head hurt.

She had wasted enough time, lusting for things she could not have. There was work to do. It was the same lecture she had been scolding herself with for the past seven years. If it sounded a little flat, well that was just too bad, she told herself, as she unlocked the door to her truck and prepared herself to face the rest of the day.

The Way Home
Book 2: Jamesville
by N.J. Walters

Jake Tanner needs a wife, and who better to ask to marry him and help raise his orphaned niece than his best friend, Rebecca. He knows it’ll change their relationship, and becoming a family won’t be easy. But Jake has to convince her they can make it work, because he just can’t imagine doing it all with anyone else.

Rebecca Gentry has made a life she’s content with. She has her own sewing business, a lovely apartment, and a few good friends, especially the one she’s secretly loved for years. When Jake makes a rather unromantic proposal, Rebecca considers it even though she knows she’ll probably end up with a broken heart.

They know becoming a family won’t be easy, but unforeseen problems test them at every turn, and it quickly becomes clear both of their hearts are on the line.

"A deeply profound contemporary that tugs at the heartstrings... THE WAY HOME is a book that needs to become part of your collection today."
4 Stars—Sheryl, eCataRomance

"This story will captivate you from the beginning till the end!"
5 Hearts—Danny, Love Romances

"...heart-wrenching and poignant...definitely a keeper."
—Talia Ricci, Joyfully Reviewed

"If you are looking for a light, heartfelt romance to wile away some lazy hours then I reckon you will enjoy the folks of Jamesville."
4 Rating—Janet Davies, Once Upon A Romance Review

"...a lovely and emotional story and if you like romance, you will love reading THE WAY HOME."
—Annick, Euro-Reviews

"One of the best things about Jake and Rebecca's story is the realism that made me feel as if I was watching someone else's life."
4 Angels—Rachelle, Fallen Angel Reviews

"THE WAY HOME is a wonderfully sweet, sexy, and satisfying read."
—Ash Arceneaux, Sensual Reads Reviews

Excerpt from The Way Home
©2006 & 2017 N.J. Walters

“So, will you marry me?”

Rebecca Gentry sat at her pine kitchen table and blinked at the man she loved, not quite certain she had heard him correctly. In all her twenty-five years when she had dared to imagine such a proposal, it had come nowhere close to this. She had imagined wildflowers, a declaration of love, and a man down on one knee, holding her hand tight in his. Never had she imagined a plainspoken business proposition.

She knew she was sitting there with her mouth open. She also knew he expected her to say something. But the plain fact was, she couldn’t think of anything to say.

“You want me to marry you?” Rebecca questioned slowly, still not certain she had heard him right.


Jake Tanner was a good-looking man, she thought as she continued to stare at him. Not classically good-looking, but handsome in a rugged way. She never tired of looking at his weatherworn face.

His green eyes looked hard as emeralds and the deep creases radiating from their corners only added to the image of strength. His black hair was swept away from his face in a careless manner and hung down to his shoulders in the back. It always looked as if he’d just pushed it out of his way. She always wanted to run her hands through his hair and she found herself clasping her hands in her lap, as she frequently did around him, to keep herself from reaching out to touch it.

He stood a shade under six feet tall, which was head and shoulders over her, as she was half an inch over five feet. His shoulders were broad and solid from years of hard physical labor on his farm and that made him look even larger than he actually was.

Rebecca stared straight into his eyes, hoping to gain a clue into what had prompted this strange proposal. “Why?”

Jake leaned forward in his chair and laid both hands flat on the table. “I need a wife, Rebecca, not some silly woman who thinks she’s in love one day and gone the next. I respect you. Heck, I really like you. We’ve been friends for seven years. I know you’re a hard worker, you’re loyal, and you don’t run away when things get tough. You’ve lived here all your life and you seem happy here. I think we could make a go of a marriage.”

Rebecca instantly picked up on the one point that mattered. “What do you mean, you need a wife?”

Jake sighed deeply and sat back in his chair, making it creak slightly as it adjusted to his weight. Absently, he thrust a hand through his hair, tilting back his head as his eyes searched the ceiling as if somehow the right words were written there. “You know I just got back today from my brother’s and sister-in-law’s funeral.”

She instantly leaned across the table and laid her hand on his strong, denim-clad forearm, squeezing it gently. She wished there was some way she could help alleviate his sorrow. “I know, and I’m sorry about Hank and his wife. I know you weren’t close, but it’s still got to be hard, maybe even harder because of that.”

“You got that right.” He gave her a mocking little smile as he pulled his gaze away from the ceiling and back to her. “Hank couldn’t wait to scrape the dirt from his boots and get away from the farm as soon as he was old enough. All he wanted was the city life and I don’t blame him for that. Farming isn’t for everyone. But no, we were never close.”

Reaching into his shirt pocket, he withdrew a small white envelope, and held it out to her. She accepted it tentatively, peered inside, and withdrew a picture of a small family. A dark-haired man stood behind a lovely looking blond woman who held a wide-eyed little girl on her lap. Rebecca found herself captivated by the child, a green-eyed imp with black hair, who looked enough like Jake to be his own daughter.

“That was taken a few months ago.” He reached over and plucked the picture from her fingers. “I got it in my Christmas card this year. That’s Hank, his wife Celine, and their daughter Casey.”

“They were a beautiful family.” Her heart went out to Jake. She handed him the envelope and watched as he carefully replaced the picture and tucked it back in his pocket.

“Casey was at home with a babysitter when Hank and Celine were in the car accident. From what I could gather, they went away a lot of weekends without her.” He shook his head in disgust. “Anyhow, Hank named me her legal guardian, but I would have taken her anyway because family is family.”

He took a deep breath and voiced his fears. “It doesn’t matter that I’ve never seen her in person until a few days ago. I’m going to bring her home with me. But, Rebecca, I don’t think I can raise a four-year-old girl on my own.”

Rebecca nodded her head, as she finally understood. “That’s why you suddenly need a wife.” It was more of a statement than a question, but Jake confirmed it anyway.

He nodded and his normally hard eyes softened. “She’s quiet and withdrawn, and she seems confused by everything. She cried and slept almost all the time I was with her. Her babysitter agreed to stay with her for a week while I tried to arrange things here.” He ran his hand through his hair again, his agitation plain.

“I could hire a housekeeper, but I think she needs stability right now more than anything else. Besides, I’m not getting any younger myself, and I’d like to have some kids of my own.” He glanced at her, giving her a quick smile. “Besides, I don’t think anyone else would have me, I’m stubborn and set in my ways.”

“But this is very sudden, Jake. You never seemed interested in me, romantically that is.”

He sat quietly for a minute, as if picking and choosing his words carefully. “I like you more than I do any other woman. You’re a good friend and companion. Physically, I find you very attractive, but I admit if this hadn’t come up I probably wouldn’t be asking you to marry me.”

“I see,” she answered in a soft voice as she looked quickly into her lap, knowing he was watching her, and hoping to hide the pain that his words caused her.

The Return of Patrick O'Rourke
Book 3: Jamesville
by N.J. Walters

After being shot in the line of duty, New York City cop Patrick O’Rourke has returned to his hometown of Jamesville to recuperate. His partner is dead, and his career depends on how well he recovers from his serious injuries. He doesn’t plan on staying any longer than he has to, and the last thing he wants is to get involved in a relationship with a local woman.

Shannon Brooker’s life certainly didn’t turn out the way she’d planned, and she’s back in Jamesville to help her aunt run the local diner. All she wants is some peace of mind, but when her abusive ex shows up in town, she turns to Patrick, the man she had a crush on what feels like a lifetime ago.

Shannon wants to hire Patrick to protect her, but he soon wants to do more than just protect her body.

Romance Junkies
"...the third time is definitely the charm because this book was pure reading pleasure. Emotionally intense and extremely sensual, I can't help but recommend this book to my friends."
5 Blue Ribbons—Natasha Smith, Romance Junkies

"...a beautiful story of love and healing....From the first kiss to the end of the book, the heat between Patrick and Shannon blazes."
5 Kisses—Tara Renee, TwoLips Reviews

"I simply adored Patrick because underneath his tough, manly exterior was a man who showcased compassion and understanding...A true alpha with a tender heart!"
5 Tattoos—Nikita Steele, Erotic-Escapades

"Walters excels in writing emotional scenes, and her characters are not only realistic, they're people you'd like to befriend."
4 Stars—Jennifer R. Wells-Marani, RT Book Reviews

"...full of passion and peril."
—Nannette, Joyfully Reviewed

"...an emotionally turbulent and rewarding reading experience."
4 Hearts—Sarah W, The Romance Studio

"...laden with suspense, exhilarating sexual tension, and a romance to beat all odds."
—Amy Cunningham, Romance Reviews Today

"...a wonderful blend of romance and suspense."
4 Angels—Shayley, Fallen Angel Reviews

Excerpt from The Return of Patrick O'Rourke
©2006 & 2017 N.J. Walters

He felt someone approach the table, but didn’t look up. He wasn’t sure he was ready to deal with either people’s sympathy or their curiosity. Not yet.

“Hi, Shamus.” The voice was familiar, but definitely not Jessie’s. It reached down inside him and slammed into his gut like a ball of fire. Patrick swung his gaze around and met a pair of deep moss green eyes fringed with the longest, softest set of eyelashes he’d ever seen. “Hi, Patrick.” The owner of those stunning eyes offered the greeting shyly.

Patrick stared at the woman standing next to the table with two menus clutched in her hands. She was wearing jeans and a knee-length, white, bib-style apron with “Jessie’s” embroidered in red on the front. Long and lean, she was tall for a woman. He figured around five-foot-ten, which would fit against his six-foot-three frame very nicely, especially when they were horizontal.

He sat back, stunned by his thoughts. What the hell was he thinking? The last thing he needed was to get involved with a local woman when he wasn’t going to be around for long. Didn’t matter that her skin was like porcelain, begging a man to touch it just to see if it was as soft as it appeared. Her vibrant red hair was caught back in a braid that fell behind her so he couldn’t quite tell how long it was. All the pieces suddenly fell into place like a puzzle. “Shannon?”

The solemn expression on her face was replaced by a tentative smile. “I wasn’t sure you’d remember me.”

Her simple pleasure washed over him like a warm wave. What the hell was going on with him? He didn’t want to feel this way. He retreated immediately, shutting down all emotion. “Sure I remember,” he replied gruffly.

Her smile disappeared and her nervousness returned. “Here’s your menus. I’ll be back to take your orders in a minute.” She backed away, almost stumbling into the table behind her before turning and scurrying away to the kitchen.

“Man, you still have the touch with the women.” Shamus picked up the menus and handed one over to him. “Way to scare her away.”

“I didn’t scare her away.” He grabbed the menu from his brother. “I hardly said anything to her.”

“It wasn’t what you said, but how you said it. You’re one scary son-of-a-bitch when you want to be.” That said, Shamus opened his menu and perused his choices.

Shame filled him. He hadn’t meant to scare her. He had just been overwhelmed by his attraction to her. His body had responded immediately and now he had a raging hard-on that was making sitting here very uncomfortable. Hell, at least he didn’t have to worry about that any longer. It had been quite a while since his body had shown any kind of sexual interest in the opposite sex, but everything seemed to be functioning quite well in that department.

“I’ll apologize,” he muttered. His brother was deliberately showing him his displeasure. He sure as heck didn’t need to read the menu he was hiding behind. They could probably both recite most of it from memory. The prices had gone up slightly, but the items offered hadn’t changed very much over the years.

Shamus lowered the menu back to the table. “Only if you mean it.” Patrick raked his hand through his hair and took a deep breath. “I’m sorry. It’s just that I didn’t expect it to be so hard to be out among people for the first time.”

Shamus’s eyes filled with understanding. “No. I’m the one who’s sorry. I never even thought about that.”

Shannon strode back to the table, her shoulders thrown back and a determined look on her face. “Are you ready to order?” She took out her order pad and waited.

Patrick shook his head in disbelief. His body was totally out of his control, his erection straining against the zipper of his jeans. He was just thankful that he’d cut the leg off one side of jeans rather than wear track pants over the thick, white bandage that was wrapped around his thigh. There would be no hiding anything then. As it was, it was hurting and he shifted on the seat, grimacing in pain when he accidentally struck his leg. He closed his eyes, clenched his teeth and waited for the throbbing ache to pass. Sweat beaded on his forehead.

“Just take a deep breath and let it out slowly. That will help the pain ease.” The soft voice was close and he nodded as he inhaled and exhaled.

When the worst had passed, he opened his eyes and tried to smile. “Thanks.”

Shannon nodded briskly. “You’re welcome.”

The Seduction of Shamus O'Rourke
Book 4: Jamesville
by N.J. Walters

Her father’s death has brought Cyndi Marks back to Jamesville, and she’s determined to settle back in her hometown and lay her ghosts to rest once and for all. But not everyone is happy to see her. Every small town has secrets, and Jamesville has secrets some would kill to protect. When Cyndi needs help, there’s only one person in town she can trust.

Shamus O’Rourke is happy living in Jamesville. He loves his job, his family, and small town living. All that’s missing is someone to share it with. When he runs in to Cyndi and helps her with a flat tire, he’s drawn to the reserved, wary woman. He’s pretty sure the feeling is mutual, even though she tries to deny it.

When Cyndi’s life is threatened, just about everyone in town is a suspect, and she’s not sure her fledgling relationship with Shamus can stand up to the town and his family’s concerns. The only things she is sure of is that she can’t see herself surviving in Jamesville without the younger man.

"N.J. Walters has made my life complete...a novel about forgiveness and loyalty. It is about unconditional love...I Joyfully Recommend The Seduction of Shamus O'Rourke--It was was just that wonderful." -Talia Ricci, Joyfully Reviewed

Romance Junkies
"...with Ms. Walters' usual flair for romance, coupled with an incredible storyline, THE SEDUCTION OF SHAMUS O'ROURKE may very well be the best book in her Jamesville Series...a recommended read, in my book, an amazing tale of love against all odds."
5 Blue Ribbons—Jenn L, Romance Junkies

"...a suspenseful mystery, passionate sexual encounters and painful past heartaches that refused to stay hidden...You will not be disappointed once you dive into this story."
5 Angels—Contessa, Fallen Angel Reviews

"Books don't come much better than this one...I can honestly say this story made me smile, swoon, and cry. This story is highly recommended to all!"
5 Hearts—Lisa Freeman, The Romance Studio

"N.J. Walters weaves a tale of intrigue, and mystery that keeps you spellbound from beginning to the very end."
5—Chocolate Minx, Literary Nymphs Reviews Only

Excerpt from The Seduction of Shamus O'Rourke
©2008 & 2017 N.J. Walters

Jamesville. It looked so peaceful nestled down in the valley below, but Cyndi knew that even a small town had dirty little secrets. Turning her back on the picturesque scene, she strode to the trunk of her car. She needed to keep focused on the task at hand and right now that included getting her car back on the road so she could reach her destination before dark.

The sun was low in the afternoon sky, but she had an hour or so until it finally sank. Lots of time to change a flat tire and get to the lawyer’s office before it closed for the day. Unlocking her trunk, she pocketed her keys and hauled out her two suitcases, setting them beside the car. Next came her laptop, which she tucked into the backseat for safekeeping. Two boxes containing her pillows and comforter, specialty teas, and her favorite snacks were next. She figured she’d need all the comforts she could get. She was under no illusion that the task ahead of her would be easy.

Cyndi ignored the small voice in the back of her head that whispered she didn’t have to stay. She’d made her decision and she wasn’t about to back down now. It was time for her to face down the demons of her past and put them to rest once and for all. The only way to do that was to settle in Jamesville.

Dragging out the jack and the spare tire, she carried them one at a time to the front of the car. The left-hand tire was as flat as a pancake. She must have picked up a nail or something. As soon as she hit town, she’d have to go to a garage and get it seen to.

As she was shoving the jack beneath the car, she heard another vehicle rumbling up behind her. She scooted in front of her car, not wanting to be out in the road as the other vehicle passed. She’d pulled her car as far off the road as she could, but the shoulder wasn’t that wide and part of the vehicle was still on the pavement. A dusty, blue truck passed her, but the brake lights flashed almost immediately and the vehicle rolled to a stop several yards up the road.

Cyndi climbed back into the driver’s seat and locked all the doors. Maybe she was overreacting, but a woman on her own, on a fairly deserted stretch of road, couldn’t be too careful. She knew what Jamesville used to be like, but that was a long time ago. The whole world seemed to have changed in the intervening years.

The truck door opened and a long, jean-clad leg came into view, quickly followed by another. The man who got out of the vehicle was huge, standing at least several inches over six feet. His shoulders were wide, straining the seams of his dirty, white T-shirt. The short sleeves of the shirt did nothing to hide his thick biceps and muscular forearms. His jeans were faded white at the knees and crotch area. Cyndi forced herself to look away. A stranger was coming toward her and she was staring at his crotch. It had to be the stress she’d been under making her so loopy. Still, she did enjoy the view.

His large, booted feet quickly ate up the distance between them. Cyndi reached into her purse and yanked out her phone, ready to call for help if necessary.

The man stopped beside her door, leaned down and tapped on the window. “Didn’t mean to frighten you, ma’am.”

Cyndi got her first, really good look at his face and it started her heart pounding, but not from fear. The man was gorgeous, in a rough sort of way. His thick, molasses-brown hair was tied back at the nape, falling just below his shoulders. His face was all sharp angles and planes; his nose was large, but somehow suited his face. Eyebrows the same color as his hair were straight slashes above a pair of concerned, blue-gray eyes, eyes the same color as the sky just before a storm.

“Ma’am?” She heard his voice through the glass and realized she was sitting there like a fool simply staring at him.

Quickly she rolled the window down, but just a crack. “I’m sorry. What did you say?” He tilted his head to one side, staring at her. Cyndi knew she looked a mess. She’d been traveling for hours and the past few weeks had been extremely stressful. She knew she had dark circles under her eyes and wasn’t wearing any makeup, save her clear lip balm. Her days of dressing to please other people were long over.

“I said that I didn’t mean to frighten you.” He smiled then, a slight upturn of the corners of his mouth, but the effect was devastating.

Butterflies danced in her stomach and she felt a throbbing between her thighs. She shook her head, desperately trying to fight the unwanted burst of physical attraction. She was thirty-nine years old, for heaven’s sake, long past the stage of being ruled by her hormones. And he looked to be at least ten years younger than her.

“A woman alone can’t be too careful these days.” His words echoed her earlier thoughts. “You stay put in the car and I’ll take care of that flat tire for you.”

“No,” she snapped. Realizing what she’d done, she softened her tone. After all, it wasn’t his fault she was attracted to him. All he’d done was stop and offer to help. “That’s fine. I’ll take care of it myself.”

He scrubbed his hand across his jaw and her eyes followed the action. She could see the five o’clock shadow on his chin. It made him appear even sexier, if that was possible. There was something elemental about this man. Even dressed in old work boots, faded jeans and a dirty T-shirt, there was an air of barely restrained power about him.

“I figured you could handle the problem on your own, ma’am, but there’s no need for that now that I’m here.”

Was he for real?

She guessed so when he turned on his heel and crouched down by the front tire. Within seconds, the front of the car was raised and he was using the tire iron to loosen the lug nuts.

A Legal Affair
Book 5: Jamesville
by N.J. Walters

Alicia Flint loves her small town community and her career, but her livelihood as a lawyer depends on her spotless reputation, so she can’t exactly let go and have fun with just any man. A chance encounter with a stranger at a friend’s wedding seems like the perfect chance to indulge in something she’s never done before—have a red-hot one-night stand.

Former cop Gill Baron has come to Jamesville to visit friends and figure out what’s next for him. He likes the town, and when a friend suggests he could help out on an investigation, he considers making his visit something more permanent. It seems a little like fate when the woman who needs an investigator turns out to be the same woman he can’t get out of his head after a scorching night.

Gill wasn’t looking for a relationship, and the town is quickly abuzz with the news of the local lawyer and her one-night stand, but the attraction between her and Gill is too deep to deny.

"N.J. Walters has another winner with A Legal Affair...The love scenes are passionate, and from the moment you start reading Alicia and Gill's story, the sexual tension holds you and never lets you go."
4.5 Ribbons—jhayboy, Romance Junkies

"...passion...scorching hot sex...a great edition to the Jamesville series and Mrs. Walters has again shown her skill as a storyteller."
5 Angels and a Recommended Read—Rachel C, Fallen Angel Reviews

"...the chemistry between them was profoundly intense and the sexual encounters were filled with red-hot, undeniable passion."
5 Tattoos—Nikita Steele, Erotic Escapades

"...steamy, sexy and down right amazing...will leave you wanting to read anything written by N.J. Walters...strength of her characters is truly amazing, and the sex is off the charts explosive."
5 Kisses—Tina, TwoLips Reviews

Excerpt from A Legal Affair
©2008 & 2017 N.J. Walters

Alicia stepped inside the front door of her cozy bungalow, turning on the light in the tiny foyer, all the while wondering if she’d completely lost her mind. She’d invited a stranger to her home. His black truck had trailed her sporty red car all the way to her house, keeping pace on the snow-covered roads. She’d kept glancing at her rearview mirror, wondering if he would change his mind and veer off at some point. She’d been half-afraid and half-wishing that he would.

She didn’t even know his name. Nor had she given him hers. This was a one-night stand between strangers, not the start of a meaningful relationship. Her stomach lurched at the thought. She’d never done anything like this before in her life. The only other men she’d slept with, she’d dated for quite a while and known well. The man hovering in the doorway behind her was totally unfamiliar.

“You okay?” Strong fingers closed over her shoulders, squeezing gently. She could feel the heat from his hands through the thick fabric of her wool coat.

“Yes.” His hands fell away as she took a step forward, depositing her handbag and keys on the table. The door closed behind her, the solid thunk sounding ominous and final. Not turning around, she unzipped her boots and stepped out of them, placing them on the mat to dry. There was no sound of movement behind her. Curious, she turned to face her soon-to-be-lover. He was standing with his back against the door, ankles crossed, watching her, his eyebrows drawn together in a frown.

“Is something wrong?” She could hear the strain in her voice and wished she could be more blasé about the situation. But, when all was said and done, she was a woman from a small town who’d never indulged in this kind of activity before.

“You tell me.” She shivered as his voice made her nipples tighten. He had a marvelous voice, deep and commanding.

She shrugged. “I’ve never done anything like this before.”

His features softened and he pushed away from the door. “I don’t make a habit of doing this kind of thing either. We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.” Raising his hand, he cupped her cheek. “My name is…”

She placed her fingers over his lips, stopping him. “No names.” She almost moaned when his tongue flitted out to lick her fingertips. It was getting harder to breathe with each passing second. “Otherwise I’ll never be able to do this.”

Alicia could tell that he didn’t like her stipulation, but she needed the anonymity of the situation if this was going to work. If she knew his name, she’d start thinking about tomorrow and the day after. And right now, she didn’t want to think about anything else but the moment.

“Whatever you want.” He slid his hands down her neck, coming to rest on the top button of her coat. He was so much larger than her now that she was standing in her stockinged feet. Slowly, giving her time to change her mind, he slipped one button after another from its hole until her coat hung open. Sliding it from her shoulders, he folded it and laid it across the back of a chair.

“You next.” Boldly, she unbuttoned his sports coat. His chest was broad and hard beneath her fingertips as she rubbed them over the fabric of his shirt. She wondered what he looked like beneath it. Would his chest be smooth or would he have a sprinkling of hair? He shrugged out of his coat and tossed it on top of hers. Not taking his eyes off her, he toed off his boots, kicking them aside. The silence was broken only by the sound of their breath and the low hum of the heater.

Alicia wanted to be bold, but she wasn’t quite sure what to do next. Should she offer him a drink? Should they talk for a while? Or should she lead him straight to her bedroom? The former seemed too stilted, the latter too bold.

“Don’t over think things.” She started, her gaze flying to his. He gave her a crooked smile. “I can practically hear the wheels in your brain turning.”

She didn’t know whether to take offense or be relieved she didn’t have to explain herself. When he hooked his arm around her waist and tugged her closer, she chose to be relieved. When his mouth came down to touch hers, she stopped thinking altogether.

His lips were firm and warm as they skimmed over hers. There was no pressure, no demand, just a kiss. Her hand slid up his arm to his shoulder as he pressed his lips against the corner of her mouth. She parted her lips on a gasp and his tongue snaked into her mouth for a quick taste before retreating.

Her breasts swelled and she pressed her thighs together to try and ease the ache low in her body. She dug her nails into his shoulders as she went up on her toes to deepen the contact between them. Her breasts brushed his chest; her belly grazed his groin. He was heavy and thick with need. That realization sent her arousal soaring.

Slipping her tongue past his lips, Alicia tasted him for the first time. Heat and beer and male all combined in a heady brew stronger than any alcoholic drink. He went straight to her head, making her forget all her doubts and concerns. They were strangers, yet not. Her body recognized his in some basic, primitive way.

This was meant to be.

By The Book
Book 6: Jamesville
by N.J. Walters

From the moment ex-military man Jonah Sutter sets his eyes on Amanda, he can’t get her out of his head He’s not a forever kind of guy, but taking it slow and easy goes out the window when someone breaks into her home and she’s hurt. Jonah decides to move himself into her house until the threat has passed.

Rare book dealer Amanda Barrington has moved to Jamesville to start a new life. The moving truck is barely out the drive when she meets Jonah. The imposing man sets her pulse racing, and when someone breaks into her home looking for a specific book, Jonah is the first in line to protect her. She has no idea who the assailant is or what book he wants. All she knows is she feels safe in Jonah’s arms, no matter how cynical and world wary he appears to the rest of the world.

"The sparks fly from the second the door is open and throw in a little life or death drama and you're on the edge of your seat and breathing hard.."
5 Angels—Rachel C, Fallen Angel Reviews

"I can't recommend this book enough, especially for the reader looking for real life events, light suspense and action, and most of all, a heartwarming happily ever after."
5 Hearts—Lisa Freeman, The Romance Studio

"I hate to sound like a broken record however, once again, N.J. Walters has crafted another spectacular novel with By the Book. With each new unique release within the Jamesville series, the stories just get better and better... This plot was jam-packed with breath-taking suspense and a super-hot romance. With realistic characters Ms. Walters allowed the players to generate love, jealously, happiness and pain – all of the things that make a practical and believable storyline."
5 Purple Tattoos—Nikita Steele, Erotic-Escapades

"It’s always a pleasure returning to Jamesville and on this our sixth visit with Ms. Walters; we are treated to nothing less than same small town madness, pettiness and downright vindictiveness. Amanda and Jonah are classic Walters’s creation, two people not ready to commit but who have little or no power to stop the emotional rollercoaster - love."
—Erotic Horizons

Excerpt from By The Book
©2008 & 2017 N.J. Walters

Amanda Barrington placed her hand on her stomach and prayed she wouldn’t puke. That so wouldn’t be good for business.

She still couldn’t quite believe she’d packed up her old life in Vermont and moved to Jamesville, Maine. Not only that, but she was now a homeowner as well. The butterflies in her tummy started to dance around once again, so she closed her eyes and took a deep breath to help settle them.

When she opened her eyes, she was still in the front room of her new home, surrounded by boxes waiting to be unpacked. She was also waiting for her first new client. Elizabeth Sutter was dropping by with a dozen boxes of hardcover books she wanted Amanda to have a look at. Recently divorced, Elizabeth was trying to clear out the remnants of her old life so she could start anew.

While Amanda was sorry for Elizabeth’s troubles, she was excited to see what books the other woman had. That was the nature of her business. As an antiquarian and rare book dealer, Amanda did some of her best business when heirs were clearing out estates, or when the newly divorced or widowed were looking for a fresh start. While she had empathy for her customers, she couldn’t quite quell the excitement that gripped her whenever she opened a box of books. One never quite knew what would be inside.

Of course, she had a steady stream of regular collectors with whom she dealt on a constant basis. She’d learned her profession well, and been mentored by one of the best in the business. Irascible and brusque to most, Seymour Morton had taken Amanda under his wing when she was just a gawky teenager, teaching her the business and sharing his wealth of knowledge and contacts with her. It hurt her that she couldn’t pick up the phone and talk to Seymour. She still couldn’t quite believe he was gone. He’d been ninety when he’d died in his sleep, but somehow she’d expected him to live forever.

A heavy knock sounded on the front door, shaking Amanda from her reverie. “You can do this,” she muttered. She’d dealt with hundreds of clients, but this was the first time she hadn’t had Seymour beside her.

Walking to the front door, she pulled it open and came face-to-face with a man who made every single thought vanish from her mind in a heartbeat. His midnight-black hair fell to his shoulders in a waterfall of silk. Her fingers curled into her palms, itching to touch it to see if it was as soft as it looked.

Pale green eyes tipped with thick, dark lashes stared back at her. They reminded her of cat’s eyes. They held the same intense, predatory stare of a cat just before it pounces.

Amanda was finding it hard to breathe, impossible to think. Her skin flashed hot and then cold. She’d swear she was having a menopausal hot flash, except for the fact that she was only thirty-one.

His face was all angles and planes, his lips thin. His nose was slightly crooked, but that in no way detracted from his appeal. This was one sexy man, and she hadn’t even managed to check out what was below his neckline yet.

Her breasts swelled and a low throb began deep in her belly. What the heck was wrong with her?

“Mind if I come in?”

His voice sent shivers skating down her arms, raising goose bumps in their wake. It was so deep and richly textured. This guy could read the phonebook and make her cream her panties.

He arched an eyebrow at her. She opened her mouth to speak, but was interrupted by a woman’s voice. “Jonah, is anything wrong?”

Like a splash of cold water, reality came crashing back. She was ogling a complete stranger at her front door and he was obviously with a woman. Amanda could feel the heat creeping up her cheeks and the butterflies in her stomach began to flutter again.

“Hi, I’m Elizabeth Sutter.” A lovely brunette with creamy white skin and a shy smile juggled a box in her arms and held out her hand.

Amanda shook the proffered hand as her mind began to fire on all cylinders once again. This was her new client. For the first time since opening the door, she took in the entire scene in front of her. It was only then she noticed that the hunk was holding a large box in his arms.

“Come in.” She pulled back the door and motioned them into the front room, the home of her new business, By the Book. “Please forgive the mess. The moving truck only left an hour ago and I’m up to my ears in boxes.”

Amanda tried not to look at the guy’s behind as he bent down and placed the box on the floor. She really did. But she couldn’t resist. Tight and firm, his ass filled out his jeans to perfection. And she shouldn’t be checking out the guy’s butt, not with Elizabeth standing in the same room. What was wrong with her? She wasn’t the type to poach on another woman’s man. He straightened, turned and stared at her as if he knew exactly what she’d been doing.

Once again, she felt the heat on her cheeks and cursed the fact that she blushed so easily. Combined with her freckles and curly reddish-brown hair, she must look a sight.

“Oh, we could come back another time if it’s not convenient.”

Amanda’s gaze shifted to Elizabeth Sutter, who was nibbling on her lower lip and looking concerned. The box she was carrying was poised in the air, as if she couldn’t quite decide if she was going to put it down or make a run for it. Amanda pictured her new client, and all her books, walking out the door.

Back to business. “Not at all.” She smiled, genuinely pleased to have her very first local client. “I’m sorry for all the mess, but I’m excited to see your books.”

Elizabeth smiled as the man took the box out of her arms and laid it atop the one he’d brought in. “That’s wonderful. This is my brother, Jonah Sutter.”

Relief, all out of proportion to the situation, flooded through Amanda. She didn’t even know Jonah, but finding out he wasn’t romantically attached to Elizabeth sent her hormones jumping. Of course, that didn’t mean he didn’t have a wife or a significant other somewhere out there. And she really had to keep her mind focused on business, not on her attraction to Jonah. “Pleasure to meet you.” Amanda was proud of the way her voice didn’t break. She sounded calm and personable. She extended her hand in greeting.

His green-eyed gaze never leaving her face, he closed his fingers over hers. Heat and strength seemed to radiate from the man. He slowly inclined his head. “You’re Amanda?”

God, could she be anymore scatterbrained? “Amanda Barrington.” She forced herself to pull her hand away even though she would have been quite content to leave it exactly where it was. He had wonderful hands—broad, slightly rough and very strong. A shiver ran down her spine as she imagined those hands running up her arms and down her torso, wrapping around her hips.

“Pleasure.” He turned from her and headed back to the front door. “I’ll get the rest of the boxes.” Amanda noted the way his shoulders filled out his leather jacket and the fact that his boots made no sound on the hardwood floor. He moved silently for such a big man.

Past Promises
Book 7: Jamesville
by N.J. Walters

Linda Fletcher moved to Jamesville to get away from her manipulative family and start her new life and antique business—Past Promises. She has friends in Jamesville, and when one of them recommends a handyman who’ll do the renovations on her building in exchange for rent, it seems like the perfect setup. She knows Levi’s just passing through, and she’s never contemplated a no-strings affair before, but she’s more than willing to have one with Levi.

Levi Mann originally came to Jamesville to help a friend, but he stayed because he likes the town and the people—especially Linda, the woman whose building he’s working on. He knows he’s not good enough for her, but the chemistry between them is too intense to ignore.

When Linda’s family tries to manipulate her into returning to the fold, she’s in danger of losing everything, including her new relationship with Levi—the one neither of them thought would last but now don’t want to live without.

"Readers who love Ms. Walters’ JAMESVILLE series will adore this seventh installment...PAST PROMISES is a great addition to your JAMESVILLE keeper shelf. I promise!"
4 1/2 Blue Ribbons—Natasha Smith, Romance Junkies

"Ms. Walters never fails to deliver an emotional read with plenty of sizzling chemistry and Past Promises doesn’t disappoint...The sex between them (Levi and Linda) is hot and their emotional connection grows stronger with each encounter."
5 Angels—Rachel C, Fallen Angel Reviews

"N. J. Walters writes her Jamesville stories with heart and passion...This is the first of the Jamesville books I have read, but I am going to get the rest soon, because I want to visit this place and meet the people there."
5 Books—Holly, Long and Short Reviews

"This author has a way to drawing the reader into the lives of the characters that you feel you are actually living the story...This author is on my auto buy list because her stories are strong on characterization, plot, and ultra sensual love scenes that deliver quite a strong emotional punch. I highly recommend this book to everybody."
5 Hearts—Lisa Freeman, The Romance Studio

"The passion bared between the couple was scorching hot, yet tenderly sweet all at the same time...Fans of the Jamesville series will not want to miss out on this latest installment!"
—Nikita Steele, Joyfully Reviewed

Excerpt from Past Promises
©2009 & 2017 N.J. Walters

Sighing, she gave into the inevitable and went back to her desk. The envelope was still there, looking innocent. Linda grabbed the two-hundred-year-old silver letter opener from her desk drawer and lifted the envelope. Fitting the silver tip in the corner, she slit the top. The tearing sound seemed unusually loud in the quiet of the store. She dropped the letter opener back on the desk and pulled out the letter.

Like the envelope, it too was made of the finest quality paper. Only the best for Fletcher, Fletcher and Dyson. Her stomach churned, the low-grade burning a reminder she needed to take some of her medication. And she’d been doing so well these past few weeks controlling her ulcer. This was why she’d moved farther away from her family. They literally made her ill.

Folding back the paper, she scanned the signature first. It was from her brother, Austin. She let out a breath she hadn’t even been aware of holding. At least it wasn’t from her father, Austin Senior.

She scanned the letter and the pain in her stomach intensified. It was the usual song and dance. When was she going to give up this foolishness of being a shopkeeper and join the family firm? She was an embarrassment to them all. And if she didn’t want to join the law firm, she could at least marry well and join her mother in her charitable pursuits.

Linda blinked back tears as she stuffed the letter back in the envelope. It was always the same. Ever since she was a child, she’d been different. She’d wanted to play softball, but was enrolled in ballet instead. She’d wanted to learn gymnastics, but was sent to ballroom dancing class. Her childhood had been a series of controlled activities and schools. All her friends had to be approved by her parents. Public school was not an option. She’d hated every minute of it.

Everything from the clothing she’d worn to the girls she could be friends with was chosen by her parents. She’d chafed at the restrictions, but eventually they’d worn her down. Linda had responded by withdrawing, becoming a quiet, studious child, which had suited her parents just fine.

The only person who’d understood her at all had been her maternal grandmother. Antoinette Lafayette had been a force in her own right. Even Austin Senior gave way when her grandmother put her foot down and demanded something. And what she’d demanded had been Linda’s presence every summer.

Linda had lived for summers spent with her grandmother. Antoinette was the one who’d instilled her with her love of antiques. The two of them had spent days driving around the state and beyond, attending estate sales, yard sales and searching through thrift shops for buried treasure.

At her grandmother’s house she could wear jeans, run and laugh. It was a time of freedom and she’d always cried when summer ended and she was sent back home.

“Are you okay?” A low, male voice startled her out of her daydreams of the past. Linda whirled around, hand on her chest, heart pounding. He stood just behind her. Watching. Waiting.

She had no idea how long he’d been there. It should have been impossible for a man his size to sneak up on her. At six-and-a-half feet tall, Levi Mann took up a lot of space. His body was massive, but it was all solid muscle. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on the man. He was wearing his usual uniform of jeans and a T-shirt. The faded denim clung to his thick thighs like a second skin. The soft cotton of the shirt molded to his biceps and chest, leaving little to the imagination.

And she had imagined him. A lot.

Lying in bed late at night, Linda had wondered more than once what it would feel like to touch all that sculpted muscle. She knew what it looked like. Levi had helped her with much of the renovation work on the building, as well as the painting, often removing his shirt while he worked. She’d lost count of the number of times she’d stopped painting just to stare at him while he was working. Levi gave new meaning to the phrase abs of steel. His tanned flesh looked as though it was pulled tight over slabs of muscle. And the man was just as potent from behind. He had wide shoulders that tapered down to his thick waist, the muscles making a perfect V. His butt was first class all the way.

“Linda?” The way he said her name gave her shivers. “Are you okay?”

Oh, God. She was standing here like a ninny, staring at him again. “I’m fine.” She shook herself and dropped the letter in the garbage. “Just thinking about things.” That was vague enough for him to drop it. In her experience, most men were just as happy to avoid lengthy, in-depth discussions with females.