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These excerpts contain sexually explicit material. If you are not at least 18 years of age, please leave.
If you are 18 or older and are not offended by such material, please stay and enjoy!

Rescuing Rory
Book 1: Marks Mercenaries
by N.J. Walters

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Betrayed and sold into slavery after her father's death, Rory Banks finds herself dancing on the Exos, a deep-space pleasure ship. So when a stranger breaks open her cage and offers her a way out, she grabs it and runs.

Kal Marks and his brothers are space mercenaries and traders who have spent the past ten years searching for their younger sister. Their hunt has led them to the Exos and to Rory, who they hope will have information. But Kal never counted on wanting Rory or on the sexual tension and scorching heat that blazes between them. This mission just got a lot more complicated.

"A riveting read that scorches the readers with steamy passion and sizzling chemistry. The characters are strong, bold and easily capture the readers' attentions while the fast paced plot keeps the glued to the pages. The romance is hot, steamy and downright delicious but with a sweet overtone that makes readers sigh."
5 Stars--Stormy Vixens Reviews

"If you want an amazing series of space mercenaries; characters with varied personalities from fun loving to downright scary and enough steamy love scenes to fog up your glasses then get your hands on RESCUING RORY and start the journey to the stars in style."
~Annetta Sweetko, Fresh Fiction

Excerpt from Rescuing Rory
©2014 and 2019 N.J. Walters

Aurora Banks had seen just about everything in her twenty-two years of living, and most of it wasn't pretty. But this was the last thing she'd expected to happen when she was shoved into the dancing cage a few hours ago.

The man standing before her with his hand out was tall and broad and downright intimidating. His eyes were a piercing green, and his silky black hair fell around his shoulders. A thick scar ran from just below his eye by his nose all the way out to his ear.

If she were totally honest, he was handsome in a rough-looking way. Not that it mattered. He was a way out of this nightmare. Rory only hoped she wasn't jumping from one bad situation to an even worse one.

Trusting her instincts, she reached out and took his hand. It was warm and strong as it closed around hers and pulled her to the edge of the cage. He lifted her down from her gilded prison, wrapped one strong arm around her, and hustled her toward the wide red door that blocked their path to freedom.

"The guards." She had to yell to be heard above the din of the yelling and fighting. They called themselves bouncers, but they were here to do more than keep the peace. Their main job was to make sure they didn't lose any of the merchandise or the money. And all the women on board were considered prime merchandise.

"You let me worry about them." Her liberator reached inside his shirt and drew out a compact-sized blaster.

Something crashed behind her, and she automatically began to look toward it. He caught her chin and turned her face away. "Look forward, not back."

That was good advice. She ignored the noise and the fighting and hurried to keep up.

Unexpected Angel
Book 2: Marks Mercenaries
by N.J. Walters

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Angelina Astoferus is on the run from her uncle, who wants to marry her off as part of a business deal. Her only hope is to find a spaceship to escape on--and a man willing to take her virginity, since her being pure is part of the deal. A desperate escape attempt leads her to the loading docks of the planet Oasis, where she spies Amos. Captivated by him, when the opportunity to sneak on board his ship arises, she takes it.

When Amos Marks discovers a stowaway on his ship, he knows she is big trouble. He and his brothers don’t need two dangerous enemies--her powerful uncle and the jilted warrior from Gravas--but Amos can't turn his back on her. He decides to help her with her outlandish plan, but neither of them expects that the physical connection between them will lead to so much more.

"...fast paced and full of suspense as readers remained glued to the pages from the very intriguing start to this story. "
5 Stars--Stormy Vixens Reviews

"So if you love space adventures, daring heroes, spirited women, family, danger, drama and a lot of steamy romance then you have to read UNEXPECTED ANGEL."
~Annetta Sweetko, Fresh Fiction

Excerpt from Unexpected Angel
©2019 N.J. Walters

"What are you doing?" His voice was even lower than normal. Her breasts ached so she rubbed them against his muscled chest. "Angel?"

He kept saying her name wrong. Not that she really cared. Not as long as he was touching her.

He started to lower her. She clung to his neck, refusing to let go. But he was determined and much stronger. She soon found her feet back on the ground and her arms removed from his neck.

This wasn't part of her plan. He was supposed to be overcome with lust. Why wasn't he? Should she be insulted? She didn't have enough experience to know.

Then a sudden though occurred to her. "Are you married?" The idea she'd been kissing a married man horrified her. He wasn't wearing a ring or mating mark that she could see, but many cultures didn't have outward signs of a union.

"No." He stood with one hip cocked and his hands on his hips. He looked so good she wanted to nibble on the strong column of his neck. She'd never had the urge to bite anyone before in her life. What was Amos doing to her?

"Then why did you stop?" She thought it was a perfectly valid question, but it obviously startled Amos. He took a step back and looked around as though he half expected someone else to be with her.

His gaze narrowed and his lips thinned. "What kind of game are you playing?"

"No game." This was her life, and she was tired of feeling like a pawn in someone else's plan.

She unfastened her cloak and let it fall to her feet, leaving her clad only in a thin pair of pants and a white tunic. Both garments clung to her curves. She knew men were attracted to her shape. He uncle had used that fact many times to distract visiting business guests.

Amos's gaze flicked to her body but immediately went back to her face. Frustration filled her. Why wasn't he acting like every other man she'd ever met?

"You have to sleep with me?" she blurted.

"Why?" His bland reply was totally at odds with her impassioned plea. If it weren't for the hard bulge in the front of his flightsuit she"d swear the man was an android. Of course, he'd been all hot male while he'd been kissing her. That gave her some hope.

"To save my life."

Liberating Lacey
Book 3: Marks Mercenaries
by N.J. Walters

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Garth Marks and his brothers are space mercenaries and traders. Their life's mission is to find their younger sister, who was kidnapped ten years before. Their search has led them to Eden, a planet that is home to a cult-like group.

Lacey Freshlan wants to get away from Eden, and the strangers who have come here might be her ticket out. Garth is willing to use the sizzling attraction between them to get information from her, but he won't agree to take her with him. As much as he's drawn to her, Garth won't risk the safety of his family.

When Lacey foils a plot to poison them, Garth takes her with them when they flee. But they are not free yet. Betrayal and lies lead to a battle not only for their safety but also for their hearts.

Excerpt from Liberating Lacey
©2019 N.J. Walters

Garth felt bad for her, truly he did. He couldn't imagine having to watch any of his brothers die, knowing he could save them, but being unable to do anything. He understood what it was like to be helpless. The years he'd spent searching for his sister, having to wonder and worry about what was happening to her, if she was even still alive, had been a master class in helplessness.

But it was for that very reason he knew he would lie to Lacey. There was no way he would allow his brothers to be hurt further. And aiding her in getting off of Eden would do that. While he understood her better than she probably thought, he'd use her and then leave her to her fate.

That made him the lowliest of bastards, but that didn't mean he wouldn't do it. Protecting his family was his life's work, his mission. It was what he'd lived and breathed since he'd woken in the medical building back on Quaros after the mine blast.

And no one, not even a beauty like Lacey, was going to stop him.

Shoving down the fury and self-hatred filling him, the sense that he was making a huge mistake, he nodded. "I'll help you if you help me."

Those amazing eyes of hers went luminous. He feared she was about to cry, but not a single tear fell. Somehow that made him feel even worse. Sorrow bled from her pores.

She slowly pushed to her feet and straightened her shoulders. "No, you won't. But I'll still do my best to help you find whoever you're searching for."

Coming August 6, 2019
Salvaging Abby
Book 4: Marks Mercenaries
by N.J. Walters


Excerpt from Salvaging Abby
©2019 N.J. Walters


Coming Soon!
Flynn's Assassin
Book 5: Marks Mercenaries
by N.J. Walters


Excerpt from Flynn's Assassin
©2019 N.J. Walters