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These excerpts contain sexually explicit material. If you are not at least 18 years of age, please leave.
If you are 18 or older and are not offended by such material, please stay and enjoy!

Embracing Silence
Book 1: Project Alpha
by N.J. Walters

Previously published, newly revised by author.

Earth 2133

The hunter becomes the hunted

Tienan is Alpha One, created by the privileged few who live shielded from a lawless land. He's been honed into the perfect involuntary weapon—vengeful, adaptable and ruthless. Finally free of the evil organization that created him, he's on the run with one option to survive outside the Gate: avoid recapture, even if that means killing again. But the sexy little stalker following him is too delicious to take out.

The captive becomes the captor

Silence is a tracker with the Resistance, a rebel force amassed to end the reign of terror. For Silence to trust Tienan is a risk, but to resist his brutal prowess is impossible.

Enemies become lovers

As raw sexual need takes over, alliances will shift and treachery could become as potent—and as lethal—as desire.

Excerpt from Embracing Silence
©2016 N.J. Walters
Permission to reproduce text granted by Harlequin Books S.A.
Previously published, newly revised by author.

The opening and closing of the door made barely any noise at all but she heard it all the same. Swinging her gaze around, she stared at the corner where the door was hidden by a small alcove.

As much as a part of her wanted to keep her captor’s identity a secret, another part of her wanted—no, needed—to know who he was and what he looked like. This was the first time she’d heard him entering the room. Usually he slipped in when she was pacing and the only notice she got that he’d arrived was the candle being extinguished.

Silence licked her lips, her mouth gone dry. Was he going to let her see him? If so, what did that mean? Maybe it wasn’t her captor at all. Her stomach dropped and she automatically fell into a fighter’s crouch, knees bent, arms loose, ready to defend herself. She wished she still had her knives. “There are people scouring the outer city for you.”

She relaxed the moment he spoke, recognizing the low, raspy tones. Ignoring the way his voice made her skin tingle, she scowled at him. “I told you Adrian would search for me.” She’d made a decision after her first full day as a captive to tell him about her adoptive brother in hopes it would encourage him to release her. Since she was obviously still here, it hadn’t worked.

“So you did.” He strode forward and the dim light of the candle illuminated his size. The man was at least six inches taller than she, his shoulders incredibly broad. He was wearing a pair of combat boots and dark leather pants that clung to his thighs and emphasized a rather impressive bulge in the front. A tight short-sleeved T-shirt was tucked into the waistband of his pants. His leather jacket was slung over his shoulder. She’d known he was big and strong. After all, she’d lain next to him the past few nights. But somehow he looked even larger, harder in the light.

She let her eyes drift higher. Trepidation filled her. She wanted to see him but was almost afraid to. His jaw was chiseled, his chin strong and stubborn. Full lips turned up slightly at the corners. He wasn’t smiling. She had the feeling this wasn’t a man who smiled often, but he was amused.

Her captor wasn’t merely good-looking. He was devastatingly handsome. His features were strong, his nose straight. Silky black hair hung to his shoulders and a pair of brilliant green eyes studied her from beneath thick lashes. Silence knew her mouth was hanging open, but she couldn’t seem to close it. The man radiated sex appeal.

“Are you done?”

His laconic tone jolted her back to reality and she realized that while she’d been studying him, he’d been checking her out. Not that there was much to see. Of course, he’d seen her before—though she’d been unconscious when he’d first captured her.

Her breasts felt heavy and her nipples puckered into tight buds. Her core contracted and she almost moaned at the power of the need she felt. She was hot and wet between her thighs. Ignoring the way her body responded to his, she nodded. “I’m done.”

One corner of his mouth quirked up. “Like what you see?”

She shrugged. “You’re handsome enough.” There was no way she would let on she found him sexy as all get-out.

“I can smell your arousal.”

Impossible! He had to be lying. Her cheeks heated and she knew her face was getting red. “You keep telling yourself whatever you need to,” she taunted.

He tossed his coat on the chair and prowled closer, looming larger with each step he took. He didn’t touch her as he circled her, inhaling deeply. “It’s like fresh honey with a hint of spices and musk.” The heat from his body surrounded her like a warm blanket. Her knees weakened and she stiffened them to keep from falling to his feet in a heap of wanton need.

She was grateful he was behind her. There was no way she wanted to face him. Crossing her arms over her chest to hide her stiff nipples from his eagle eyes, she said nothing.

A touch, as light as a feather, stroked over her nape. “So fragile, yet so strong.”

She couldn’t move if her life depended on it. With just that simple touch he had her shackled as tightly as though she were wearing chains. She longed to lean back into his touch but didn’t dare. The power he had over her was frightening. “What’s your name?” she blurted out. “You know mine. It’s only fair.”

He chuckled, his breath warm against her ear. “No one ever accused me of being fair, sweet Silence.” His teeth closed over the lobe and he tugged gently before releasing her. “Tienan. My name is Tienan.”

Assassin's Awakening
Book 2: Project Alpha
by N.J. Walters

This book was previously released in 2009 by another publisher under the title Have Mercy. It has been revised and updated for rerelease with Carina Press.

The pulse-racing Project Alpha trilogy continues as a rebel fugitive comes under the care of a woman whose touch means the difference between life and death.

Logan is pure Alpha, a genetically enhanced human who has escaped from the brutal gated city in which he was designed, and from the creators who want him dead. Running for his life across a ravaged Earth, Logan’s goal is to survive. It’s in his blood. Until he awakens wounded, bound and naked, exposed to a beautiful stranger. Now he's vulnerable to sensations he’s never felt before.

Mercy Dockins has tended to many wounded men, but none as intoxicatingly perfect as Logan. Or as responsive to her curative strokes. But as passion ignites between them, Mercy’s very purpose in the bleak new world order is shaken to its core: Logan has brought her not only ecstasy, but danger, too. He's drawn the enemy to her sanctuary, and now their love could soon be just another casualty of war.

Excerpt from Assassin's Awakening
©2016 N.J. Walters
Permission to reproduce text granted by Harlequin Books S.A.
Previously published, newly revised by author.

Mercy Dockins tried not to stare at the naked man lying in her bed. She’d been trying not to stare at him for hours now. For all the good it did.

He wasn’t totally naked. There was a blanket covering him. But it might as well not been there at all. The stranger oozed power and masculinity like no other man she’d ever encountered. She’d seen every inch of his body when she’d operated on him, removing one bullet and stitching two other wounds where bullets had clipped him. Even injured and near dead, there was a vitality, a sense of danger about him.

Who was he?

He certainly wasn’t known to her. But that wasn’t surprising. Tim and Evan had stumbled upon him while out scavenging for supplies. Poor Tim. At thirteen, he’d already seen more than his fair share of death and destruction. They all had.

They’d thought he was dead. There had been so much blood. Even Evan, who thought himself an adult at seventeen, had paled when he’d related their story. It had come as a shock to them both to discover the man was alive. Unable to leave him to his fate, the two boys had bandaged his wounds the best they could, loaded him into their wagon and dragged him back to the compound beyond the northern border of the outer city.

It had taken them the rest of the night to get back here pulling such a heavy load. They’d arrived just as dawn was breaking with their unusual cargo in tow. Mercy winced when she thought about how hard the trip must have been on an already injured man.

It was a wonder the stranger hadn’t died on the way here. But he hadn’t. He’d also survived surgery. Luckily, the bullet had missed his spine, lodging in his upper left shoulder instead. The bullet had chipped a small piece of bone, but other than that, there had been no major damage. He’d bled heavily from his left arm and leg, but was in surprisingly good shape. With time, rest and proper care, he should recover. That is if infection didn’t set in.

He hadn’t stirred as she’d dug into his skin, searching for the bullet. Nor had he flinched as she’s cleaned and stitched his other two wounds. He’d remained unconscious all through the day and throughout almost the entire night. Dawn wasn’t far away. For a man who’d had major surgery and been at death’s door only twenty-four hours ago, he was doing amazingly well.

Thankfully, he didn’t seem to have much of a fever. Not yet anyway. He was staring up at her, his vivid blue eyes almost mesmerizing. His blond hair was cut short on the top and sides, but was longer in the back, exposing the rough features of his face. He had a strong jaw, full lips and high cheekbones. He wasn’t handsome, not exactly. Compelling was the word that popped into her brain.

She should have been in bed trying to sleep. Instead, she’d spent the past six hours sitting in a chair by the fire, gazing at his face, wondering what kind of a man he was. He was strong and fit. That much she’d discovered when she’d cut off his bloody clothing to get at his wounds. His body was sculpted, thick with muscle.

But it was his hands that had caught her attention. They were broad and large, with calluses on the sides and on several of his fingers. She’d spent hours speculating what they would feel like against her skin. Slightly rough and very stimulating.

Her cheeks grew warm and her breasts swelled. Mercy wanted to look away but was snared by his penetrating gaze.

Alpha's Revenge
Book 3: Project Alpha
by N.J. Walters

This book was previously released in 2009 by another publisher under the title of Sweet Charity. It has been revised and updated for rerelease with Carina Press.

A war reaches its endgame, but the heat between two unlikely lovers could set fire to all that Resistance forces have achieved. Don't miss the final installment of the Project Alpha trilogy by New York Times bestselling author N.J. Walters.

Adrian is a flawless Alpha assassin and avenging enforcer of the Resistance, devoted to the destruction of the oppressors. The first rule of empowerment? Never trust a stranger.

Then comes Charity, a woman desperate to relinquish her heart and secrets to the cause, and just as eager to surrender her body to its rebel leader. She's more than proved her loyalty—she's become the most desirable and valuable weapon Adrian has.

Charity Caruthers, daughter of the inner city's brutal General, risked her life to escape into the underground. Now she's Adrian's last hope to infiltrate the tyrant's lair and blow it to hell.

As her feelings for Adrian turn deeper and more dangerous with every move they make, it becomes clear. The greatest defense they can stage? Love.

Excerpt from Alpha's Revenge
©2016 N.J. Walters
Permission to reproduce text granted by Harlequin Books S.A.
Previously published, newly revised by author.

Charity stared at the large, imposing man standing in front of her. There was no doubt in her mind that he was the mysterious Adrian. After seeing the organized crowd below and the weapons they had, she realized this group had to be part of the rebellion. It was then she finally remembered where she’d heard his name before. It was two months before Martin’s death and she’d been eavesdropping on a conversation between him and her father. What had piqued her attention the most was that they seemed to be afraid of this man, of Adrian.

Adrian was the leader of the Resistance, her father’s biggest nemesis.

Most people inside the Gate didn’t know much about the Resistance. The Ruling Council and the General did everything they could to downplay the threat. They didn’t want the general populace thinking that they couldn’t handle things. That would only create unrest in the inner city.

Members of the security force kept silent about their patrols. To do otherwise would bring death and destruction down on them and their families. Still, there were always rumors and rumblings of unrest. The Ruling Council quickly squashed those. Most folks went about their daily lives and kept their heads down and their noses out of government business. It was the safest way to live.

The man before her now had chosen anything but a safe course in life.

Adrian was tall, a few inches over six feet, with incredibly wide shoulders and a lean, muscular body. The T-shirt he was wearing clung to his torso, outlining the rippling muscles beneath the fabric. His waist was lean, his legs long.

His blond hair was cut short in the back, but was slightly longer in the front. He studied her with cool, pale blue eyes, assessing her much as she was him. His jaw was strong, his nose straight. Charity stared at his mouth. Adrian’s lips were full and managed to look soft, yet firm. She wondered what they’d feel like.

The thought startled her. How could she even think about touching a man, let alone having one touch her? Her only experience with sex had been with her husband and that had been cold at best, violent and demeaning at its worst. Still, there was no denying the light fluttering in her belly and it made her uneasy.

“Who are you?” Adrian’s voice was deep and full and very compelling. He didn’t raise it, and yet he commanded immediate respect.

She swallowed the lump of fear rising in her throat. She was so tired of being afraid. “Charity.” Her voice was a mere whisper, so she tried again. “Charity,” she repeated, this time with more force.

Adrian glanced toward the man who’d brought her. “I’ll take it from here, Derrick.”

Charity sensed Derrick’s unease before he nodded. “If you’re sure.”

One corner of Adrian’s mouth quirked up. She couldn’t quite call it a smile, but it was close enough to have her wondering what he’d look like if he really smiled. He was already gorgeous. How would any woman resist him if he actually smiled?

“I think I can handle it.” Adrian prowled toward her and she took a step back. He was too big, too male, too powerful. In short, he was a man just like her father and husband. She shivered and locked her knees to keep from taking another step away. She’d come this far. There was no backing down.

Charity heard Derrick leave and close the door behind him, but she couldn’t take her eyes off Adrian. He was a large, sleek predator and she was very afraid that she was his prey.