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These excerpts contain sexually explicit material. If you are not at least 18 years of age, please leave.
If you are 18 or older and are not offended by such material, please stay and enjoy!

Wolf at the Door
Book 1: Salvation Pack
by N.J. Walters

Gwendolyn Jones is working on an article about werewolves, not that she believes they exist. But there are people out there who do, like the nervous man who slips her a flash drive with information he claims will prove to the world shifters are out there. Gwen starts questioning just what to believe when two very real werewolves come knocking on her cabin door later that night.

Someone has a flash drive with pictures that could endanger his pack, and alpha Jacque LaForge will do whatever it takes to destroy it. But the something deep inside him ignites when he knocks on the door of that "someone." He didn't think he'd find a mate, or that when he did, she'd be human. But now that he has found Gwen, he knows he has a fight on his hands to protect her from his former vengeful pack who are out to hurt him by any means necessary.

"If you are looking for a fantastic story with humor, heat and werewolves, be sure to pick up a copy of WOLF AT THE DOOR. I highly recommend it!"
5 Blue Ribbons--Dottie, Romance Junkies

"WOLF AT THE DOOR is absolutely amazing. N.J. Walters is a writer that can take you into a world and make you not want to leave."
~Annetta Sweetko, Fresh Fiction

"Ms. Walters has written a fast paced roller coaster of a story, and I could not put it down once I started. I would recommend this for shifter lovers, romance lovers and I recommend you keep tissues and ice near to hand."
4 1/2 Stars~Foxglove, LASR

"I was not surprised that I loved this book. N.J. Walters consistently writes some of the most terrific paranormal romances. This is one of her best. The plot is full of drama and action."
4 Cups--Maura, Coffee Time Romance & More

"N.J. Walters is one of my favorite authors from the paranormal/shifter genre, reason being, she has never disappointed me yet! Wolf at the Door is a fantastic new beginning to her Salvation Series; it is packed with intense romance, climactic fights and alpha wolves with a score to settle!"
4 1/2 Stars--Autry, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

Excerpt from Wolf at the Door
©2014 and 2017 N.J. Walters

A hard, heavy pounding shook the front door, jolting her out of her chair. She didn't waste any time running for the shotgun. Had Hector followed her home? Maybe he was crazy? She knew better than to break her rule about meeting in public. Why had she made an exception tonight? Too late to be asking that question now.

She thumbed the safety off. Her palms were damp and shaky, but she swallowed back her fear. How hard could it be to point and shoot? It was like a camera. This close she couldn't miss.

The knock came again, this time not quite as loud. "Ms. Jones?" The voice was low and deep, definitely male.

Relief hit her hard and fast. Maybe it was one of the local deputies. They often stopped by to check on her, mostly because she was new to the area, but also because she was a single woman. On her first trip into town, Margie at the grocery store had assured her she'd have all the male attention she wanted. Single women were rare in these parts. Most women were either married, too old or too young. The rest of them left for the bigger cities as soon as they were able. A single young woman was cause for talk in town.

Still, she wasn't about to be stupid. She'd seen too many horror movies where the dumb blonde gets herself killed by not being careful. She might be blonde but she wasn't stupid.

"Who is it?"

"Ma'am, I'd like to talk to you if I can. It's about Hector Canton."

As tempting as it was, she wasn't about to open her door to a total stranger. "Come back in the morning." She glanced at the old cuckoo clock hanging on the wall. It was just past eight but, as dark as it was outside, it might as well have been the dead of night.

"It will only take a minute. I'll stay out here on the porch."

She snorted, like she was stupid enough to fall for that. Gwen backed away from the front door and headed toward the phone in the kitchen. Out here, cell-phone service was spotty, but her great aunt had a land line that Gwen had kept when she moved in. No way did she want to be caught without phone service. She'd call the sheriff's office and have them come talk to the man.

There was no noise behind her, simply a stirring of the air, but Gwen knew she was no longer alone. She whirled around, her finger tightening on the trigger. The shotgun fired just as a male hand pushed the barrel up and out of the way. The bullet harmlessly buried itself in the wooden ceiling.

Gwen screamed as the weapon was torn from her hands and tossed aside. The front door was kicked in behind her, bouncing off the wall. She didn't know where to look. There was a stranger behind her and another one in front of her.

She lunged for the kitchen counter and the knife block. She needed something to defend herself with. Anything. One of them swore and leapt toward her. Large fingers tightened around hers, the pressure making it impossible for her to draw the large butcher knife from the block.

"Relax, chere. Shhh." His breath was hot on her neck and his hand practically swallowed hers whole.

She started to shake. Would they hurt her? Rape her? She couldn't think about the possibilities. She had to fight back. Her muscles, immobilized by fright only seconds before, came back under her control. She threw her head back hard and fast and connected with his face.

Her captor howled in pain, sending an icy-cold shiver racing down her spine. It sounded too much like the dogs she'd heard earlier.

Massive arms wrapped around her torso and pulled her away from her only source of weapons. "Dieu. There was no need for you to do that, chere."

She still couldn't see the man holding her but the one in front of her was hard to miss. He was huge, probably around six-four, his brown shaggy hair hanging around his massive shoulders. His golden-brown eyes stared at her and his full lips were drawn into a thin line of displeasure.

Shit. She was in deep trouble. She recognized him from the picture she'd seen only moments before. Her only option was to try to brazen her way out of this situation.

She cocked her eyebrow at him and inclined her head. "You're either Louis or Jacque LaForge. I'm not sure which." She had a brief moment of pleasure when she noted the surprise in his eyes. Then they went flat, and the expression in them scared her spitless.

Wolf in her Bed
Book 2: Salvation Pack
by N.J. Walters

Anny Conrad is a thirty-year-old single librarian, She knows she's a bit of a clich--she even has the two cats to prove it--so when Mr. Tall, Dark, and Dangerous asks her for a dance, she throws caution to the wind and indulges in what she's sure will be one night of spectacular passion with a man as rugged and untamed as a hero in one of the books she loves she read.

Armand LaForge and his small pack are fighting for their lives against the vicious Louisiana pack they broke away from. If timing is everything, this is the worst possible time to meet his mate--especially a human mate. But now that he's found her, he can't let her go, even though dragging her into his world means she's a target now, too.

"The writing of N.J. Walters is always a pleasure but the world of the Salvation Pack is an experience. I loved reading the story of Armand as he suffered so and deserved happiness. Anny is worthy of Armand and watching her lead him on a merry chase was something to behold. I highly recommend Wolf in Her Bed and the writing of N.J. Walters."
5 Cups--Delane, Coffee Time Romance

"Packed with werewolves, retribution, pack dynamics, danger, suspense, scorching sensuality, romance and love, this is a story that is hard to put down. In fact, I read it in less than a day."
4.5 Ribbons--Dottie, Romance Junkies

"WOLF IN HER BED will have readers holding their breath in anticipation as author N.J. Walters takes us back into her Salvation Pack world. This second book is as fascinating as the first one and I can't wait for the next one...Bring on the next one, Ms. Walters, while I put WOLF IN HER BED in my 'to be read again' list."
--Annetta Sweetko, Fresh Fiction

"...it made me cry, sigh and there were some giggles in there as well. If hot and strong heroes, sassy and independent women and lots of searing romance are what you enjoy, this is well worth the reading."
4 1/2 Stars--Foxglove, LASR

"Wolf in her Bed takes the horrors of a pack war and the wonder of love and mating, mixes them up, and proves that love will always win that battle."
--Jo, Joyfully Reviewed

"This book had everything. Wonderful characters and a great storyline. Loads of action and suspense. A fast paced plot that flowed easily. The love scenes were HAWT! And best of all was the interesting secondary characters that I can't wait to read all about in later books."
3 1/2 Stars--Debra Taylor, Night Owl Reviews

Excerpt from Wolf in her Bed
©2014 and 2017 N.J. Walters

Anny wasn't sure she was still breathing. Her chest ached and her entire body quivered with anticipation. The man standing beside her was tall and broad shouldered. He wasn't handsome in the classical sense. He couldn't be with several wicked scars marring the left side of his face. It gave him a menacing appearance, but there was something compelling about him. His black hair fell to his shoulders, longer than most of the men around here wore theirs. It gave him a wild, untamed appearance. His eyes were so dark she couldn't tell if they were brown or black, but the depth of unspoken emotions in them pulled on her heartstrings.

Maybe she was being fanciful. He was a stranger. A tall, dark stranger. She should have been scared to death or at least cautious. Instead, she was filled with an urge to get closer to him. So when he held out his hand, she eagerly took it.

She was safe enough here. The bar was filled with people. There was no danger in indulging in a harmless dance. She'd call it a birthday present to herself.

He led her to the crowded dance floor and turned her so she was facing him. He leaned down and whispered in her ear, "Just follow my lead." His warm breath tickled her ear and sent a shiver racing down her spine. His voice was deep and compelling.

He placed one hand on the small of her back and pulled her closer, aligning their bodies. The man was huge and made her feel slight in comparison. "Just move to the music, chere. Let your body feel the rhythm."

She watched him, unable to tear her gaze away from his face. He was ruggedly handsome. His rough appearance so at odds with his fluid speech. She'd caught the hint of Louisiana in his voice and instantly knew who he was. Most of the town was interested in the group of men who'd moved up here a little more than two years ago from the south. Speculation was rife, but no one really knew much about them. They mostly kept to themselves and were quiet and polite whenever they ventured into town.

He moved easily to the music, his body fluid and innately sexual. She, on the other hand, felt more like a robot, her movements stiff.

"Relax," he murmured. "No one is watching. There's nothing to worry about. Just close your eyes and let the music take you."

When she did nothing but stare at him, he sighed. "Close your eyes. Go on."

Anny reluctantly shut them and immediately became more aware of the man she was dancing with. With her vision impeded, her other senses took over. She could smell him. It was an outdoorsy scent, like trees after a morning rain. She was also well aware of his large hands resting at the base of her spine. He held her loosely, but she was very aware of his broad chest and shoulders.

"Feel the music." He turned to the left and she automatically moved her body to match his. "That's good, chere," he praised. The music was slow and had a beat that was easy for her to follow when she stopped thinking about it.

Warmth flowed from him and she had the urge to cuddle up to him. Anny wondered what it would feel like to have his much bigger body rubbing against hers.

As if he could hear her very thoughts, he pulled her closer. Her breasts pressed against his chest and her belly pressed against a very hard bulge in the front of his jeans. Heat suffused her and it was all she could do not to fan herself.

"What's your name?"

Her eyes flew open. Her dance partner was staring at her with those dark, bottomless eyes. She was dancing with a stranger, pressing her body up against his and wondering what it would feel like if they were both naked, and she didn't even know his name. What had come over her? She couldn't blame the alcohol because she hadn't even had one full beer.

"Anny," she managed to get out.

He tucked a lock of hair behind her ear, grazing his fingers along the side of her neck as he did so. Her skin tingled where he touched her and a throbbing began low in her belly. "Conrad," she added. Was that her voice so sultry and slow?

"Nice to meet you, Anny Conrad." He maneuvered them around the floor until they were dancing in a shadowy corner. "I'm Armand. Armand LaForge." The song ended, but thankfully another slow one began. She didn't want this amazing dance to end, not yet. It wasn't often in a woman's lifetime that she had the opportunity to spend time with a man like Armand.

He was sexy without even trying. All he had to do was breathe. His voice alone was enough to make any woman a puddle at his feet.

Wolf on the Run
Book 3: Salvation Pack
by N.J. Walters

Cherise and her mother had to run from their pack when everyone realized Cherise couldn't shift. Now her mother's gone, murdered by the hunters after them, and Cherise is all alone and out of options. When the people she's running from catch up to her in Salvation, North Carolina, she's saved by the biggest, baddest werewolf she's ever seen.

Disposing of the intruders on his pack's land is easy for Cole, but convincing the skittish woman the trespassers were after that she's safe is another story. He recognizes her as his mate right off, and he'll protect her no matter what, even if it means risking everything to face her former pack.

Cherise never thought she'd find a wolf she could trust, but she's never met a Salvation wolf before now, and her mate is not about to let anything come between them.

"N.J Walters is superb in the ability to draw the reader into the world she creates. I fell in love with Cole because wow who could resist?...I highly recommend Salvation Pack and the writing of N.J Walters because she has an awesome talent she puts to good use."
5 Cups--Delane, Coffee Time Romance

"WOLF ON THE RUN is a fast paced, heart pounding, paranormal love story. Author N.J. Walters takes us back to her Salvation Pack series with another superb offering of our favorite sexy wolves."
--Annetta Sweetko, Fresh Fiction

"Our Ms. Walters can write the sexiest of werewolves and she always has a wee bit of humor just so these alpha wolves don't get too stuck on themselves."
4 Stars--Divine, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

"N.J. Walters nailed it with the third book in this series, Wolf on the Run. It was a fantastic story that really grabbed me by the heart and refused to let go...I hadn't realized that this series could get any better, but I was so wrong."
4 Stars--Tulip, LASR

Excerpt from Wolf on the Run
©2014 and 2017 N.J. Walters

"Well then." Cherise sidled a little farther to the left. "I'll just be going."

Cole sighed. She was going to be trouble. "I can't allow that."

He could smell the surge of her fear and it burnt the inside of his nostrils with its stench. He hated it. But it quickly changed, becoming spicier in tone. Anger. Anger he could handle.

"You can't keep me here."

He cocked his head to one side, not saying anything at all. He'd just killed three male werewolves. If he wanted to keep a female werewolf who couldn't even shift from leaving it really wouldn't be much of a problem.

But he didn't want her to fight him.

He tried a different tactic. "You're exhausted. Come back to the house with me, have something to eat and reevaluate the situation."

She glanced down his body and quickly pulled her gaze back to his face. As a werewolf, she'd be used to seeing naked bodies whenever they shifted. As a woman facing a male she didn't know, it was no wonder she was cautious.

"I'm Cole Blanchard," he offered, hoping giving her his name might help put her more at ease. "And you're on Salvation Pack land."

"Cherise Michaels."

He waited, but she added nothing else. "Why here, Cherise?" That had been bothering him. "Of all the places in the country you could have run to, why North Carolina, and why here?"

Was this a trick? Was she a spy sent by Pierre LaForge?

As soon as he thought it, he dismissed it. Those wolves had been hunting her. No doubt about it. And there was no faking her obvious exhaustion and fear.

She licked her lips and Cole swore under his breath. He was filled with a sudden urge to lick her lips for her. He let his claws extend, digging them into the flesh of his palms, using the pain to distract him and keep his cock from swelling. Definitely not an appropriate reaction in this situation. She already feared him.

"I..." She paused and tried again. "I don't know. Bad luck. Good luck. Instinct. I really don't know."

Cole knew Jacque would want to question her. "They'll have breakfast on by now. Why don't you come back with me and have something to eat. We can talk out your situation. Maybe we can help."

She looked at him as though he had ten heads, as though he was some strange creature she'd never seen the like of before. It was more than a bit disconcerting.

He kept his distance when what he really wanted to do was scoop her into his arms and carry her back to his home. That gave him pause, but only for a moment. He'd do the same for any woman in her position. Okay, maybe he wouldn't want to carry her off in his arms, maybe he wouldn't be fighting a hard-on while he talked with her--and at his age that was embarrassing as hell--but he'd certainly help her.

"What do you say, Cherise?"

What did she say? Wasn't that the one-million dollar question? Cherise's head was spinning, both figuratively and literally. She couldn't quite come to grips with the fact that this male wolf standing in front of her had killed her stalkers as easily as she'd swat a fly. She was free, at least until they sent someone else after her. Her stomach was empty and her head ached. She'd been running for a week now with her trackers hot on her heels.

She hadn't realized they'd seen her get onto the bus in St. Louis and had followed her across the country, waiting for her to leave the relative safety of the crowds and the bus stations. They'd been right behind her when she'd left the last bus and hitched a ride with a trucker to the small town of Salvation. It hadn't taken them long to come after her the minute she was on her own.

Why had she run here?

That was a question she'd been asking herself too. What could she tell him? She'd dreamed it. Had a vision. He'd never believe her even though it was the unvarnished truth.

Cherise swallowed and tried not to look too closely at the intimidating male standing in front of her. She'd grown up around big, powerful men--male werewolves were much stronger than human males--but she'd never seen one quite as large or impressive as Cole Blanchard.

If there was one word to describe him it was massive. His shoulders were impossibly wide, his biceps huge. His abs were totally ripped and his legs were as sturdy as tree trunks. And she wasn't even going to think about his cock, which was semi-erect.

And if his body wasn't intimidating enough, there was his face. Shaggy dark-blond hair framed ruggedly handsome features. He had a high forehead, prominent cheekbones and a stubborn jaw. But it was his eyes that dominated his face. Green as grass, they were intelligent and perceptive.

Strength and smarts. A deadly combination.


The way he said her name sent a shiver running down her spine, and it wasn't all due to fear. His low voice stroked over her skin like a physical caress. She had no idea what was wrong with her. She'd never had this kind of reaction to a male--wolf or human--before in her life. She wasn't sure she liked it.

Cole made her feel off-balance and uncertain. Not good things when she was running for her life.

"Come home with me," he coaxed her as though she was a wild creature that needed to be tamed.

And maybe she was.

Wolf from the Past
Book 4: Salvation Pack
by N.J. Walters

For years, everyone believed Sylvie LaForge Dubois was dead, and she worked hard to keep it that way. Now that her abusive, dangerous mate is dead, she's come back to face everyone. But it's harder than she thought it would be, especially when Gator Rollins watches her every move, making her uneasy and excited all at once. She never imagined she'd want another man, but her attraction to Gator is too strong to fight.

Before Gator had the chance to tell Sylvie how he felt about her, she was mated to someone else and then killed. Now she's back, and there's nothing he won't do to protect her and get that second chance he never thought he'd have.

But Sylvie is in more danger than ever when her old pack learns she's still alive And if they get to her, there's no coming back from the dead twice.

"The Wolf from the Past was an excellent read and I look forward to backtracking to read the previous books in the series."
5 Stars--Angela, Wicked Reads

"What can I say about this book except that N.J. Walters has done it again! Gator and Sylvie's story is stunning. It's a beautiful story that had me hooked from beginning to end."
5 Stars--Lunaland Books

"...even if you haven't read any of the previous books, you will still find yourself on the edge of your seat and licking your lips. Walters delivers yet again with a sexy, thrilling novel."
4 Stars--Abigail Ortlieb, RT Book Reviews

"...the fantastic continuation of author N.J. Walters' addictive Salvation Pack series...WOLF FROM THE PAST is a keeper!"
--Annetta Sweetko, Fresh Fiction

Excerpt from Wolf from the Past
©2015 and 2017 N.J. Walters

Gator loped through the trees, winding through them easily even while running at top speed. The pack would be aware of the intruder. The sensors on their road would have gone off the moment the car turned off the main highway. He was closer and hoped to have the situation handled before the others arrived. No need to get everybody riled up, especially not before lunch. Bad for the digestion.

He came to a halt by the silver birch where he'd stripped off his jeans. Now that they had women living in the pack, he couldn't just leave the house naked when he was patrolling. It was a bit of a pain, but it wasn't too much of an inconvenience. And it paid off at times like this. He couldn't exactly greet a lost tourist or delivery truck driver totally naked.

Well, he could, but that might prompt a visit from the local sheriff.

Gator shifted, embracing his human form once again. The wolf retreated, knowing Gator would let him out again later. His wolf did love to run. He grabbed his jeans and yanked them on. The car was getting closer now. He knew it was a car from the way it sounded. Not heavy enough to be a truck.

The vehicle came to a stop just as he stepped out onto the dirt road. With the sun shining on the windshield, it was impossible for him to see if the driver was male or female.

He swore and quickly moved position. That was the kind of mistake he rarely made, but it was one that could get him killed. With the sun no longer blinding him, Gator focused his gaze on the driver. There was only one person in the vehicle and it was a female.

Had to be a lost tourist. There was no reason for any unknown woman to be all the way out here.

She opened the door and stepped out of the vehicle, turning slightly away from him as she did. Gator stopped breathing.


Standing before him was a dead woman.

"Hello, Gator." Her voice washed over him like a silken caress. A shiver went down his spine as a ghost from the past spoke to him.

She was still standing behind the car door, both hands wrapped around the top of the frame. Her knuckles were white and he could smell her fear, her nervousness.

But beneath it all was a scent he knew far too well, a scent he'd dreamed about for years even when she was mated to another. His eyes might deceive him but his nose wouldn't.

He swallowed hard and took a step forward. Her silky black hair was pulled back in a braid that fell almost to her waist. She was wearing a plain cotton blouse in stark white. The garment was sleeveless and left her toned arms bare.

He took another step forward. If he reached out his hand, he could touch her. "Look at me." His voice was harsh, his command terse. She flinched slightly but then squared her shoulders and fixed her gaze directly on him.

Gator began to growl as fury shook him to his core. A jagged white scar bisected her right cheek. It was an old wound but had to have been an extremely bad one for it to have not completely healed. Werewolves had superior healing skills.

He extended his hand slowly, like he would do with a skittish wild animal, making no sudden movements. He could smell her fear, no matter how much she tried to hide it.

She swallowed heavily and her pupils dilated, but she didn't move when he brushed his fingers over the thick scar. "It really is you." Merde. He couldn't wrap his brain around this new reality. He rubbed his thumb over the curve of her jaw. Her brown eyes stared back at him, pleading for something, but he didn't know what she wanted.

Of all the things that could have happened today, this was one scenario he could never have imagined. As quickly as the sense of wonder and a spark of joy filled him, it was snuffed out by reality. Gator dropped his hand back down by his side.

"How could you have done this to your brother?" How could you do this to me was what he really wanted to scream. That wouldn't have made any sense at all to her. She had no idea what he'd felt for her all those years ago. Why would she? He'd never told her. Now it was too late. For both of them.

He wanted to pull her into his arms and taste her lush lips. He wanted to kiss her scar and soothe all her hurts. But mostly he wanted to strip her naked, take her to the ground and feel her body under his as he fucked her. And that wasn't going to happen. She looked like she'd scream if he made any kind of move.

Frustration ate at his guts and frayed his temper. "Got nothing to say?"

Wolf on the Hunt
Book 5: Salvation Pack
by N.J. Walters

Gray Everson is sure she's found the perfect quiet place to work on her paintings, until hunters start shooting up the forest around the cabin she rented and she finds a wounded wolf. But the animal she hides from the hunters is no regular wolf--he's something Gray never imagined could be real.

Louis LaForge's focus has always been on protecting his pack, but the instant attraction he feels to the artist who saves him changes everything. There's something about Gray he can't figure out--until he gets close enough to touch her. He knows pushing Gray too far, too fast is risky, but there are still hunters around, and his former pack is coming for him. There's only one way to protect everyone he loves.

"I have read every one of the books in the Salvation Pack series and can tell you truthfully they just get better and better. The steam is steamy, the love strong (and I am including the love that is between family and friends as well as mates), the action fast paced and heart stopping. The climatic ending was not totally unexpected but will have you on the edge of you seat waiting for the next twist, the next turn. WOLF ON THE HUNT is a fantastic read that will simply have you looking for more from this talented writer."
--Annetta Sweetko, Fresh Fiction

"I don't know about everyone else, but I have been waiting for this moment in the Salvation Pack and it was well worth waiting for, not only was the smackdown spectacular and believable but Louis and Gray make a charismatic couple that just really fit together..."
5 Stars--Eva Millien, Literary Addicts

"I absolutely adore N.J. Walters and the Salvation pack series."
--Alice Laybourne, Lunaland Books

"Can I just say now how much I enjoy the secondaries in this series! Really. Enjoy. Them. If you like reading series that keep in touch with the previous main characters, Salvation Pack is one you should be reading."
--Jacque, The Jeep Diva

Excerpt from Wolf on the Hunt
©2016 and 2017 N.J. Walters

The loud crack of a gunshot startled her so badly she dragged her pencil across her paper, almost ruining her sketch of a mouse huddled by a nearby rock. Shadow growled and was by her side in an instant. She shoved her sketchpad and pencils into her knapsack and stood. "What the hell was that?" It wasn't hunting season. At least she didn't think it was. Maybe some local was hunting a deer. Just because it wasn't in season didn't mean it wasn't happening.

"Let's go back to the house, boy." She slung her pack over her shoulders just as a barrage of bullets echoed through the trees. "Shit, that's close." She ran with Shadow at her side. "Hurry." The last thing she wanted was to be shot by some reckless hunter.

She'd crossed paths with hunting parties many times in her travels. Most of them were responsible men and women who were very careful with their firearms. That didn't seem to be the case here as the gunfire continued at an alarming rate. What in the name of God were they shooting at?

She immediately dismissed the idea that it might be the wild animal that had attacked a woman on this property last fall. That animal would be long gone from here. No, this was probably someone who'd had too much to drink and decided it was a good idea to shoot something. Most hunters she knew would only shoot at something if they thought they could take it down. They wouldn't risk only wounding the animal, nor would they want to scare away the game before they could get a good shot.

Shadow bounded onto the deck beside her as she dug out her keys and unlocked the door. She tossed her bag onto the small table just inside the door but she stayed outside. Gray searched the trees, wondering what was being shot at and who was doing the shooting.

Gunfire erupted again. There was no doubt there was more than one shooter out there. At least two, maybe more by the sound of it. And they were getting closer. Should she call the local authorities? For all she knew, it might be them out there doing some kind of training exercise. Although the continuing barrage of gunfire seemed too undisciplined for something like that.

Maybe the local law turned a blind eye to residents shooting up the woods whenever they wanted. Gray had traveled enough to know that small towns worked a hell of a lot differently from a city. Who you were and who you knew had a lot to do with just what you could get away with. She was an outsider here. The last thing she wanted to do was create bad blood between herself and whoever was out there.

She was about to go inside and barricade the door when Shadow growled. He was staring at the edge of the woods beside the house. His ears flattened and so did his tail. Not a good sign.

"We should go inside." She held the door open but Shadow ignored her and growled again.

She was about to order him inside when she heard an answering growl. Shit, there was something out there. Shadow stopped growling and gave a small whimper before bounding off the porch.

"Come back here," she ordered. She might as well have been talking to the wind. Shadow was gone. Gunshots sounded again. No way could she leave her beloved companion out there. With his size and heritage, he could easily be mistaken for a wolf, especially with this trigger-happy bunch.

Swearing under her breath, Gray hurried after her pet. She'd scold him to within an inch of his life as soon as she got him to safety. "Shadow," she called in a loud whisper. "Where the hell are you?"

He answered with a soft woof. She hurried toward him, all the while praying the animal he'd gone after wasn't dangerous. Although any animal was dangerous if it was hurt or cornered.

She skidded to a stop and almost ended up on her butt when her sneakers slid on the pine-needle-covered ground. Shadow was standing over a wolf that was sprawled out on the ground. A really, really big wolf.

She shook her head. It had to be a cross between a wolf and some big-dog mix like a Mastiff or Great Dane or something. He was bigger than Shadow, and that was saying something.

Shadow whined, and it was then Gray saw the red on the wolf's side. It had been shot. She knew it wasn't safe or smart to approach a wounded animal, but she couldn't stop herself.

"Don't kill me," she crooned as she crept closer. "Please don't eat me."

The animal was magnificent with a pelt that consisted of many different shades of brown. It growled as she approached, and she held out her hands in supplication. "I won't hurt you." Another gunshot echoed in the distance. "But they will."

"This is so stupid," she muttered under her breath, but no way could she leave the wolf here to die.

She felt mildly surprised when she reached the creature's side and it didn't immediately snap at her. She did a quick visual scan of the wolf's large body. It was definitely male, and he was bleeding from several different places.

Wolf on a Mission
Book 6: Salvation Pack
by N.J. Walters

Elias Gallagher is the guardian of his teenage nephews, and he knows the world's not a safe place for a werewolf without pack--especially if they're half-breeds, like the twin boys. He's heard there's an accepting pack in North Carolina, so that's where he's headed when he runs into the one person he'd given up hope of ever finding--his mate. Even more surprising than finding his mate, is realizing she's human.

Sue Walsh is solely focused on taking care of her five-year-old son. With her ex fighting her for custody and local hunters making her life complicated, she doesn't have time for an attraction to a ruggedly handsome stranger, especially one with a secret that is going to rock her world.

"If you are looking for a sweet, steamy love story, with fierce protective werewolves and a few sneaky twists to the plot then WOLF ON A MISSION by N.J. Walters is just what you need in your hands."
--Annetta Sweetko, Fresh Fiction

"N.J. Walters has built a brilliant paranormal world where werewolves live in close proximity to humans without being discovered."
--Becky Condit, HEA USA Today

"I cannot recommend Wolf on a Mission enough as N.J. Walters continues to bring us stunning books and amazing characters you can't help but fall head over heels for."
--Alice Laybourne, Lunaland Books

"The plot was strong and very involved with loads of drama, conflict and steamy romance."
4 Stars--Debra Taylor, Night Owl Romance Reviews

"Readers who look for a paranormal romance that centers around families should give this one a try. It hit all the right notes with plenty of romance and spice but mostly love."
4 1/2 Stars--Sorrel, Long and Short Reviews

Excerpt from Wolf on a Mission
©2016 and 2017 N.J. Walters

Elias managed to swallow his temper. This was the last thing they needed. If the lady called the law and reported a wolf in the woods, they'd have to pack up and leave. He'd expected better from Reece, but maybe he shouldn't have. The boy had been pushing the boundaries Elias had set lately.

Problem was, Elias understood. Making that first transition to wolf form changed everything. It was natural to want to shift often and test the limits of your wolf. Reece was only being a normal teenage werewolf. Problem was, they weren't on safe turf. There was no pack land for them to run wild on.

He ignored his nephews and focused on the woman in front of him. She was around average height, but that was the only thing average about her. Her shoulder-length blond hair sparkled in the evening sunlight, framing a very expressive face. Her eyes were light blue, her skin smooth and her lips full. Right now, those lips were pulled into a tight line.

He could smell her fear. It burned his nostrils and made his wolf growl with displeasure. Neither of them liked it. A small boy peeked around her. He had the same features as the woman, the same light hair and blue eyes.

Her son. She was married.

Something dark and dangerous welled up inside him. She had a mate, a husband. She was fully human and he shouldn't want her.

His wolf chuffed in protest, but he ignored the creature. He had bigger worries than finding the woman in front of him attractive and alluring.

He turned toward Sage, but the woman moved, putting herself in front of Sage. She kept her son behind her as well. She was protecting his nephew. From him.

He didn't know whether to laugh or applaud her courage.

"Who are you?" she demanded. She raised her hand slightly, and he noticed the rock she clutched tightly in her fingers.

He raised his hands in surrender. "Hey, it's okay."

"It's okay," Sage told her. "That's my uncle."

"Elias Gallagher," he offered.

She swallowed but didn't lower the rock. "What are you doing here? This is private property."

Elias wanted to take her into his arms and reassure her that everything was okay. That he'd protect her and her son. He clamped down hard on his instinctual response. She was off limits. She had a husband and son.

"Where's your husband?"

That was the wrong question to ask. Her shoulders tightened and she began to back away. "That's none of your business."

She started to say more but her son interrupted her. "He's gone."

"Gone?' Was her husband dead? "I'm sorry."

She bit her bottom lip and glanced at her son. "We're divorced. Not that it's any of your business, Mr. Gallagher."

Pure elation shot through him. She didn't have a mate. What kind of idiot would abandon a woman like this one? Not to mention his own son. He didn't know her name, but she was beautiful and courageous. The way she'd stepped in front of Sage told him she had a protective streak as well.

"Call me Elias."

"I don't plan on calling you anything at all." She grabbed her son's hand. "Come on, Billy, it's time to go home."

The little boy glanced longingly at the Reece. "Doggy."

Elias crouched down and motioned to Reece. If the boy wanted to shift into his wolf, he could damn well help Elias deal with this situation they were now in. "He won't hurt you," he promised.

Reece trotted over to stand beside Elias. In his wolf form, his nephew stared at Sue. Elias could see a longing there. The boy might almost be a man, but he missed his mother. Billy started to sidle forward, but his mother stopped him.

"Really, Reece would never hurt your son."

Sue didn't know what to do. The two strangers and their pet wolf were all staring at her as though she held their futures in her hands. Not to mention the way her son was looking at her. She knew he was enthralled with the wolf and wanted to pet him.

Her first instinct was to protect her son. But none of them had hurt him or made any threatening moves. She freely admitted that the past was coloring her reaction to them. She didn't trust good-looking men, thanks to her ex. And the sight of a wolf was enough to want to make her run screaming.

They were all waiting for her. Billy was practically vibrating with impatience. He was tugging on her hand, trying to break free of her grip so he could go to the wolf.

She nibbled on her bottom lip and finally made her decision. "I'm Sue Walsh and this is my son, Billy."

The wolf chose that moment to trot forward. He sat in front of her and waited. Tentatively, she put out her hand and touched the creature's head. "Nice dog." Elias winced, and she cocked one eyebrow in question. "Well, he is a dog, isn't he?"

"No, ma'am. He's a wolf. To call him a dog is an insult."

The wolf seemed totally unperturbed.

"I think he's tough enough to handle it." The wolf licked her hand in response.

Wolf in his Heart
Book 7: Salvation Pack
by N.J. Walters

Half-breed werewolf Sage Gallagher can't shift, but he's a member of the Salvation Pack and a wolf where it counts. When he finds who he thinks is a lost hiker while camping in the Great Smoky Mountains, he's surprised to find she's a full-blooded wolf who ignites in him the instinct to take her home to where he and his pack can protect her, no matter how skeptical and untrusting she is of his offer.

After Rina rejects her parents' choice for a mate, she's exiled from her pack. That's a dangerous position for any wolf to be in. Now she has a human hunter on her trail. Rina doesn't trust easily, especially not half-breeds--who she was raised to fear and revile. But there's something about Sage that calls to her. Soon Rina's in more danger than ever--danger of losing her heart.

"There is so much suspense and drama in Wolf in his Heart and Sage and Rina's struggles are at time heartbreaking. However NJ writes these characters so beautifully that every worry and action is completely understandable...I certainly can't wait for the next instalment. "
--Alice Laybourne, Lunaland Books

"Beautiful story, well written and now I have to read all the others too. Thank you N.J. Walters loved your book."
5 Stars--Jara, EskieMama Reads

"I loved Sage and Rina's story and can't wait to read more in the series."
5 Hearts--She Hearts Book Reviews

"Wolf in His Heart was a quick read, but it wasn't lacking for heat or drama."
4 Stars--Literary Misfit Reviews

Excerpt from Wolf in his Heart
©2016 and 2017 N.J. Walters

Sage was just finishing up his meal of beef jerky and trail mix when he heard a noise nearby. It wasn't a normal sound, so he left his campsite to investigate. He was careful, not sure who or what might be out here. Might be nothing more than a black bear or a roving elk, or it could be another hiker.

Still, it paid to be cautious, so he kept to the shadows. The sun was down, but it still wasn't quite fully dark. He'd just check things out. If it was a lost hiker, he'd offer assistance. If it was an animal, he'd give it a wide berth. He saw the woman stumble and catch herself. She seemed to be alone.

"Are you lost?" he asked, keeping his voice light and non-threatening. She was far away from any of the trails. She must have gone off the beaten track at some point and gotten turned around. It happened faster and easier than most people imagined it could.

She raised her head and his heart skipped a beat. She was tall for a woman. He pegged her at around five-nine. She had a lanky, athletic build but was too skinny, like she'd missed more than a few meals.

The thought of her going hungry angered him.

Her hair was dark and cut short, framing a heart-stopping face with high cheekbones, a straight nose, and a firm chin. He couldn�t quite make out her eye color in the dim light, but he could see the fear and mistrust glittering in them.

Every muscle in her body tensed for flight. Sage didn't want her to go, didn't want to lose her. He didn't question his instincts that were screaming at him to protect her. He put his hands out in front of him and held them palm up. "Hey, it's okay. I'm not going to hurt you."

She glanced over her shoulder and then back at him, still not saying a word. "If you're hungry, I've got some food. It's not much, just jerky and trail mix, but you're welcome to it."

She tilted her head to one side and studied him. Her stillness gave him pause, but he tried once again to reassure her. "My name is Sage. Sage Gallagher." He took a chance and stepped toward her. "You're way off the trail, but I can help you find your way back."

She shifted position slightly and the evening breeze caught her scent and brought it to him. Every cell in his body surged to life. He inhaled again, this time more deeply. He had to be wrong. What were the odds of him running in to a woman like her here in the vast wilderness of the park?

But what his senses were telling him couldn't be denied.

"You're a werewolf."

* * *

Shock held Rina in place. How did he know? How could this stranger know who she was? And he was a stranger. He'd never eaten in the diner where she'd worked, never laid eyes on her before.

She would have remembered him.

He was tall. Well over six-feet and all of it pure sculpted muscle. The tank top he wore hugged his torso and displayed impressive biceps and shoulders. His well-worn jeans hugged his thighs like a second skin. His hair hung down to his shoulders in a silky curtain and his eyes were filled with a concern that was a balm to her ragged nerves.

He knew what she was. She had to get out of here.

As if sensing she was about to bolt, he took a step back. "I won't hurt you. I'm like you."

She hadn't thought anything he could say would shock her more than his first pronouncement. She'd been wrong.

Wolf in her Soul
Book 8: Salvation Pack
by N.J. Walters

Detective Reece Gallagher has spent the last decade working as a cop in Chicago so he can search for her--the red-haired woman who haunts his dreams. He's just about ready to give up and go home to Salvation, North Carolina, when he finally finds her. But she's the assault victim on a case he's working on, and there's a full-blooded werewolf who wants her dead. He needs to keep her safe and convince her she's his mate.

Hannah Burdette has a secret she's never told anyone. But there is someone who knows who--or rather, what--she is. There's a stalker after her who plans to rid the world of her "impure" blood. When the cop she meets turns out to be a werewolf and claims she doesn't have to be alone anymore, she's wary. But where better to hide from a bloodthirsty hunter than in the middle of North Carolina with the security of a pack surrounding her?

"WOLF IN HER SOUL will have you spellbound from the first word and when you reach the end, you will simply want more...If you want sexy shifters, a sweet and steamy romance, danger and intrigue then WOLF IN HER SOUL is the perfect paranormal for you."
--Annetta Sweetko, Fresh Fiction

"I love finding good paranormal romance, too bad I didn't find it sooner!"
--Hannah Da Bink, Hannah's Words

Excerpt from Wolf in her Soul
©2017 N.J. Walters

His wolf was going crazy inside him. The creature wanted Hannah safely tucked away in Reece's apartment, too. More than that, his wolf wanted to take her home to the pack. Reece was in perfect agreement, but first he'd have to win Hannah's trust. Getting her to his place was the first step.

"Come on, Hannah," he softened his tone. "You know you can't stay here."

She looked around the tiny room and shuddered. "No, I can't stay here." She stood and walked to the window, being careful to not stand directly in front of it. She peered around the side and looked down on the busy street. It was afternoon and the city was alive with people and vehicles.

"How do I know you won't try to kill me?"

His entire body jerked with anger, but it was a valid question. "You don't." She spun quickly around and began to sway. He leaped forward and grabbed her before she hit the floor. "Damn it, you're in no shape to be up and around."

Quick as a snake, she knocked his feet out from under him and ran toward the door. Even as shocked as he was, he rolled to his feet and was on her before she could turn the knob. His big body covered hers, pressing her against the wooden panel.

She elbowed him and tried to fight. He grabbed her hands in his and placed them against the door. "What the hell was that about?" He was more than a little impressed with her, even if he was angry she'd managed to trick him.

"I won't go down easy. I'll hurt you," she promised.

Reece realized she thought he was going to hurt her. "Oh no, babe." He leaned forward and whispered in her ear. "You might not trust me, but I'll never hurt you. That I promise. I want to protect you."

He loosened his grip, careful to watch for any sudden movements. She'd dropped him on his ass once. He wasn't looking for a repeat performance.

"Okay?" he asked as he slowly turned her around. He kept his hands around her wrists and his body pressed against hers. She was pale, and he smelled blood. "Fuck." He lifted her into his arms and carried her to the daybed. "You broke at least one of your stitches. Why aren't you healing?"

"I don't heal as quickly," she told him. "And I haven't eaten since last night. Usually I get something at work for breakfast, but I never quite made it there this morning."

He lifted the thin top she wore, displaying the hospital dressing and a small swath of her stomach. The sight of the bandage made his stomach muscles clench, but no blood had seeped through, which meant whatever damage she'd done while fighting him was minimal.

He kept his touch light and as gentle as possible as he examined the area. "Doesn't look like you tore too many stitches, if any. You might have just pulled one. It doesn't seem to be bleeding much." If he wasn't able to smell the fresh blood, he'd never have known she'd hurt herself at all. He pinned her with his gaze. "Good thing, or we'd be headed back to the hospital."

"No more hospital." She shuddered and tugged her top back down.

Reece cupped her face in his hands. Her skin was pale like porcelain, smooth and fine. A sharp contrast to her vibrant hair, which snapped with vitality. There were dark circles under her eyes. He looked into them until he was sure he had her total attention.

Then he slowly lowered his head. He figured there was about a fifty-fifty chance she might bite him, but what the hell. He liked to live dangerously. He pressed his lips against hers. It was like getting zapped with a million volts of electricity.

His entire body shook as he ran his tongue over the seam of her mouth. She sucked in a breath but didn't pull away. She ran her hand over his upper arm, and even through his jacket and shirt, he could feel the heat of her.

He wanted to deepen the kiss more than he wanted his next breath, but he knew it was too soon. He didn't want to spook her any more than she already was. When he pulled back, she was staring at him, her blue eyes wide and bewildered.

"What was that about?"

He smiled and tucked a lock of hair behind her ear. "Me showing you what I want to do to you. And, Hannah, I certainly don't want to kill you."

Wolf of her Own
Book 9: Salvation Pack
by N.J. Walters

Mikhail Matheson may be an outsider in Salvation, but he stays with the pack to be close to his sister. It has nothing to with the fact that Elise--the most fascinating woman he's ever laid eyes on--is part of the pack. Mikhail has wanted Elise for years, but being with her could cost him his life. Soon he'll have to decide if he's going to leave the pack or risk it all to pursue a place at her side.

After escaping her abusive mate, Elise LaForge has made a home in Salvation with her sons. She never expected to have her emotions stirred up by the always serious and seriously handsome Mikhail. But can she finally put her past behind her and dare to move on?

When danger creeps into the pack, both she and Mikhail have to be willing to sacrifice everything to have a chance at love.

"If you love books about family, friends, a love that grows and strengths the people involved, while still being sweet and steamy then get A WOLF OF HER OWN by N.J. Walters. You won't want to put it down and it will definitely be a keeper."
~Annetta Sweetko, Fresh Fiction

"I must say, this is a book that is really worth waiting for...From the start, till the end, I was so giddy with each turn of the page."
~Julie Strife's Reading Nook

"I absolutely loved Wolf of Her Own and found I couldn't put it down once I started."
~Word Nerd Book Reviews

Excerpt from Wolf of her Own
©2018 N.J. Walters

"You're a very sensual woman, whether you realize it or not."

"I really don't know how to respond to that."

"You don't need to. It was an observation. I like watching you."

"I know. That's what caused the problem at lunchtime." The reminder brought them both back to reality, and she pulled away.

Mikhail pushed to his feet and sat on the sofa next to her. "I'll try to control myself in public. How about that?"

She rubbed her hand over the sofa, roughing and then smoothing the fabric. "That's not fair to you."

"Okay, then, how about I control myself in public until you're more used to me, more able to handle me."

She snorted. "I don't think I'll ever be able to handle you."

Her teasing delighted him. "What can I say? I'm more than a handful." The sexual innuendo wasn't lost on Elise. Her cheeks turned the most delicate shade of pink, and he could see a teasing glint in her eyes.

"I wouldn't know anything about that."

He sat back against the sofa and spread his arms wide across the back. "Want to find out?"

Mikhail held his breath, wondering if he was pushing her too hard, too fast. He thought she might be a lot more ready than she thought she was. Of course, that could be pure wishful thinking on his part.

"No pressure," he assured her. "What do you want to do?"

Elise had never had the opportunity to discover herself as a woman. He had a feeling that once she'd embraced the sensual, sexual side of her personality, he was the one who was going to have his hands full.

He couldn't wait to face the challenge.

"I can touch you. You can touch me. Whatever you want. And it only goes as far as you're comfortable. It's all up to you, baby."

Elise came up on the sofa beside him. His heart pounded in his ears, and he locked his hands around the top of the sofa to keep from reaching for her.

She studied him with her direct golden gaze so reminiscent of her older son's. "You really mean that, don't you?"

"I do." Even if it kills me. He hadn't felt this out of control since he was a young man.

Then she shocked him by swinging her leg over his lap so she was sitting facing him. "Then touch me."