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These excerpts contain sexually explicit material. If you are not at least 18 years of age, please leave.
If you are 18 or older and are not offended by such material, please stay and enjoy!

Christina's Tapestry
Book 1: Tapestries
by N.J. Walters

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Captivated by a lush tapestry she sees in a shop window, Christina Beaumont impulsively buys it, never imagining how that one action will change her life. The magical tapestry not only transports her to a world that resembles medieval Earth, but also into the arms of two massive warriors who both want to claim her.

Jarek and Marc, brothers of the House of Garen, are elated to discover the tapestry has delivered Christina to them, but ancient tradition dictates that they must compete for the right to be her husband. Both separately and together, the two will indulge Christina in every sensual way possible, taking her to passionate heights beyond even her most intense fantasies.

As the time for Christina to choose between the two men draws near, she is confronted with another option: she can return to her own modern world. Fearing their loss, Jarek and Marc will join forces to convince Christina to stay with them, even as they fight a rival family for the right to keep her as their very own . . . This is a revised edition of a previous published book.

"Filled with lush details and interesting characters, this is a sexy read with a heroine who’s a strong woman with spirit"
4 Stars—RT Book Reviews

Excerpt from Christina's Tapestry
©2005 and 2018 N.J. Walters

Her bed shook beneath her and she grumbled slightly. Her downstairs neighbor must be having another party. She scowled, but she could hear no music. Usually, he had his stereo cranked so high that the entire apartment trembled. Listening harder now, she heard the heavy clomp of footsteps that sounded remarkably like horse’s hooves.

But that wasn’t possible. She was on the fifth floor of her apartment building. Her neighbor must have a movie turned up loud. That would explain the strange noises and the slight vibration of her bed. Leather creaked and a horse whinnied. It sounded incredibly close now.

Christina opened one eye and frowned slightly when the only thing she could see was a large pair of leather boots in front of her face. It was then she became aware that her mattress was rather lumpy and that her pillow smelled suspiciously like fresh grass. She closed her eye tight, took a deep breath and then opened them both. But the picture remained the same no matter how many times she blinked.

“I must be dreaming again,” she mumbled to herself.

“And here I thought I must be the one who was dreaming.” The voice was deep, masculine and amused.

Tilting her head back, she followed the boots up over an incredibly long pair of muscular legs encased in a tight pair of leather pants. An open vest emphasized his lean waist, a six-pack of abs and an impossibly wide chest. Her eyes kept traveling upward, all the way to a face that took her breath away.

The man was gorgeous. His straight black hair disappeared behind his shoulders, but a thin braid came down on each side of his face, falling all the way to his waist. The braids framed a rough-hewn face with a prominent nose, thin lips and a high forehead. His eyes, a golden brown, blazed with desire as his gaze ran over her scantily clad form.

She sat up quickly and scuttled backward away from the giant in front of her. Her fingers dug into the moist ground beneath her. Twisting her head from side to side, she tried to get her bearings. Her bed was gone, her room was gone, and she certainly wasn’t in her apartment.

Instead, she was sitting on the ground in the middle of a grassy field with a tall, thick forest surrounding her. Somewhere in the distance, a bird was twittering and a butterfly fluttered past her nose, coming to rest on a small patch of purple flowers on her right.

“Are you alone?” The giant frowned down at her and she swallowed back a scream, shaking her head. There was no way in hell she was telling this man that she was alone.

He took a step toward her and she scrambled to her feet, thrusting her hands out in front of her to ward him off. Her heart pounded in her chest and her entire body trembled with fear. True, he was the most gorgeous man she’d ever laid eyes on, but he was also a total stranger.

However, the longer she stared at him the more familiar he seemed.

He stopped immediately and his gaze softened. “There’s no need to fear.” He held one hand out to her and his voice became calm and almost hypnotic. “You cannot be out alone without protection. Come to me.”

She almost took a step toward him. Almost.

Standing her ground, she glanced about for something she could use as a weapon. Anything. “Who are you?” If she could keep him talking, it might give her time to figure out what in the heck she should do. “Where am I?”

“I am Jarek of the House of Garen.” He paused. “And you, little one, are on my land.”

“Well, I don’t know how I got here, Jarek of the House of whatever, but I’d sure as heck rather be home in bed.” She remembered what she’d first thought when she opened her eyes, and suddenly everything began to make sense. “I’m dreaming, again.”

His outfit looked familiar and it finally came to her why she felt she recognized him. Sizing up the man in front of her one more time, she suddenly decided that it wasn’t such a bad dream to be having.

The look of hot lust in his eyes was not the kind she was used to seeing directed her way. Under his gaze her nipples pebbled into tight buds that pushed against the silk of her nightgown. Her body certainly remembered the pleasure he’d given her in her dream last night.

She licked her dry lips and stood a little taller, thrusting her breasts out slightly. If possible, the heat in Jarek’s eyes grew more fiery. As she watched him, a very large bulge grew in the front of his breeches. A shiver of desire shot down her spine.

It was nice to have a name to put with one of the warriors from the tapestry. Jarek. She liked the sound of it, strong and solid and noble. “You’re one of the warriors from the tapestry.” She knew he had to be, but for some reason she wanted him to confirm that.

The lust in his eyes disappeared in a blink and a cold, hard gleam appeared there instead. “Tapestry?”